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  • ways to obtain badges in most dungeons, including the coveted {{badge|Vicious}} badge. low-level monsters. An assassin will never face this problem, even on vicious-difficulty levels, and can therefore focus all his attention on the boss.
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  • ...which refill your mana for more spells at the boss. Once two or three boss dungeons start cropping up, just use the more glyph succeptible boss as an exception ...der. Once you get a bit of practice with it, you'll be tacking the {{badge|Vicious}} onto the PQI for extra money whenever you see this combination.
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  • The '''Goblin''' is a race in Desktop Dungeons, unlocked after finding it in a sub dungeon and giving it {{gold|20}}. You ...ill catch up to the goblin. Because of the way [[level]]s work in Desktop Dungeons, the goblin will receive less XP for defeating strong foes since he's a hig
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  • In {{d|Vicious Gaan-Telet}}, stone form is sometimes the only way to erode Horatio's resis playing a map with a lot of late game blackspace (such as many Vicious Dungeons, where this is one of the strongest approaches with several classes).
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  • ...ultyNormal.png]] normal dungeons have 100% difficulty. However, many other dungeons have their own difficulty modifier. In this case the difficulty modifier sh ![[File:Vicious Token.png|link=Vicious Token]] VT
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  • ...hich means it will often be suggested by the game for clearing out Vicious Dungeons. Learning to use them once you have the goblin friendly gods unlocked can r ...then make the buildup part needlessly difficult or slow in less forgiving dungeons. Other Thieves are well advised to hoard their potions, Halflings can affor
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  • ...ling potions. A 100% health refill is an exceedingly rare thing in Desktop Dungeons, making acess to it as trivial as this little guy does is very much like wh Otherwise, this thing does multiple badges on Vicious Dungeon runs easily, especially in experienced hands. In inexperienced hand
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  • ...ble character, making this a top-tier class selection for tackling vicious dungeons.
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  • The {{HuTr}} shines on longer dungeons. Humans in general are good for longer runs, as they have possibly the best ...s that actually benefits from the larger size of some of the Vicious-level dungeons. You also need to time your conversions in order to make the most out of {{
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  • ...everage. By that logic, the Tinker also requires [[gold]] to be effective. Dungeons with multiple bosses work in advantage for the Tinker, as they drop large a ...about. A properly equipped (and slightly lucky) Tinker can clear even {{d|Vicious Gaan-Telet}} with relative ease.
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  • ...ies in hard dungeons have 100%-140% of their stats, and enemies in vicious dungeons have 140%-150% of their stats.
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  • There are a total of 117 items in Desktop Dungeons. Out of these, 74 are lockerable using the Guild's lockers, and as such can = Items Found In Dungeons =
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  • This page explains general '''strategies''' and tricks to solve dungeons. But of course, every game is different, so there is no single strategy to ...o find more specific strategies in the [[class]], [[race]], [[gods]] and [[dungeons]] topics, and are also encouraged to the read the different [[Annotated Pla
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  • ...ase attack. While this is not a problem for most dungeons, for some longer dungeons which most important fights happen at level 10, you should never purchase t ...{d|Vicious Gaan-Telet}} and can be incredibly impactful in other difficult dungeons as well. Just be sure to drink your health potions and kill off any {{m|Wra
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  • There are many different monster types you will encounter throughout Desktop Dungeons. Each have different stats and traits, and thus present a specific challeng |[[Cursed Oasis]], [[Halls of Steel]], [[Vicious Steel]]
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  • [[Annotated Playthrough Vicious Halls of Steel Sorcerer]] ==Anyone Can Win Vicious, by The Avatar==
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  • The Demonic Library is arguably the easiest Vicious dungeon. On the over-dungeon are 5 fairly easy level 10 bosses, each with a ...hing I use should be accessible to a player who has completed all the Hard dungeons.
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  • |{{d|Demonic Library}}, {{d|Northern Desert}},{{d|Vicious Steel}}, possibly others. Meat Men: Due to their frequent appearance in most standard dungeons (and their inherently delicious-sounding names), Meat Men are common go-to
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  • The Vicious Halls of Steel is one of the easier Vicious dungeons. It has two bosses, Count Blahblah, a vampire, and The Indomitable, an anim
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  • 4 difficulties of dungeons in Desktop Dungeons: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Vicious. == List of Dungeons ==
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