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Gauntlet mode is one of the game modes in Desktop Dungeons. This mode was added in version 0.15. It is unlocked once player has beaten the Normal Dungeon with each of the Tier 3 Classes.

The Gauntlet Mode dungeon resembles the Normal dungeon, with a few important differences. Most importantly, each time you beat the Gauntlet dungeon, it will be slightly harder the next time around.

The game keeps track of the number of times you've beaten the Gauntlet dungeon.

Similarities with the Normal Dungeon

A Gauntlet Dungeon is very similar to a Normal Dungeon in several ways:

  • The dungeon contains only one Boss. It will always be one of the bosses available in the Normal dungeon.
  • All monster types available in Normal mode are also available in the Gauntlet. Unique monsters from the Challenge Dungeons (I.E. Crypt, etc.) do not appear in Gauntlet Mode.
  • You can play the Gauntlet dungeon with any character class currently available to you.

Differences with other dungeons

The key difference between Gauntlet Mode and other dungeons is that each time you beat it, it gets harder.

The game keeps track of the number of times you've beaten a Gauntlet Dungeon. It is visible when hovering your mouse over the Gauntlet button in the main menu.

Below is a list of the differences between each level of the Gauntlet Dungeon:

  • Each monster/boss's Attack Damage is increased by 5% of their Normal Attack Damage.
  • Each monster/boss's Maximum Health is increased by 5% of their Normal Max Health.
    • For example, at level 6, the Attack Damage and Maximum Health of each monster and boss will be 30% higher (6*5%=30%) than they would be in the Normal and Challenge dungeons.
    • Remember that the first level of the Gauntlet is considered "level 1", which means it is already tougher than the Normal dungeon by a small amount.


The only reward acquired from the Gauntlet Dungeon is the bragging rights. The score is not compared on-line. It is meant for players to point out the number of Gauntlet dungeons they have completed as a sign of mastery of the game.

Research info required: Is there a limit of gauntlet mode levels or this mode is endless? Is there any internet page listing the highest confirmed gauntlet level so far?

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