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Suggested Races Human, Elf, or Gnome
Tier 2 (Advanced)
Unlocked By Defeat Normal dungeon using Wizard
Rewards for completion Unlocks Bloodmage class
Skills Essence Transit - Every mana point spent regenerates 2 health

Arcane Knowledge - Starting mana increased by 5
Mana Shield - Deals 1 damage per level whenever opponent hits you

The sorcerer is one of the classes in Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the normal dungeon as a Wizard. Sorcerers are powerful magic-wielders who draw strength from their magic and can counterattack enemies with their mana shield.


  • Essence Transit - Every mana point spent regenerates 2 health
  • Arcane Knowledge - Starting mana increased by 5
  • Mana Shield - Deals 1 damage per level whenever opponent hits you

General Strategy

This class offers a surprisingly effective combination of hand-to-hand combat and spell casting. The healing ability of the Sorcerer's spells makes it possible to tackle monsters of a higher level than you, much like the Assassin strategy. You should usually take a swing at a monster before fireballing it to heal yourself - just beware mana burn!

In the Challenge dungeons, it can actually be effective to fight both bosses at once - casting BURNDAYRAZ on the one until you can survive an attack from the other.

Race and Deity Choices

Taking Human, Elf, or Gnome is an option, as the healing power of his spells lets you stay in combat longer, making human a good choice. Because you will be casting spells (sometimes just to heal), Elf and Gnome are good choices as well.

When using the power leveling strategy, consider The Pactmaker for the extra XP from monsters. Glowing Guardian loses a lot of worth since you'll be healing yourself with every spell you cast. Taking Mystera Annur or Taurog will severely limit the capabilities of this character, and is not recommended. Tikki Tooki is a fairly feasible choice if you don't open up with a physical attack, as is Jehora, unless you're depending on CYDSTEPP.

The best deity choice for non-Crypt challenge dungeons is Dracul. For relatively small price he will boost your mana (synergy with starting bonus), melee ability, resistances and will add lifesteal. A level 8 Sorcerer with Dracul and Platemail can kill Super Meat Man without poison - the boss regenerates health slower than you do.

Challenge Modes

Snake Pit

Nothing special here. Bring down high level enemies as soon as possible, while balancing your attacks between physical attacks and fireballs, to heal yourself effectively. Avoid being poisoned or weakened. Use midfight leveling to make Medusa easier to handle so you can preserve your potions for Jormungandr.


An Elf Sorcerer can survive this if he can find the fireball early enough. If so, most other spells are useless and may be exchanged for more mana. Then you can fireball high-level Wraiths to death and achieve level 7 with large parts of the dungeon still unexplored. Finding Mystera Annur early clinches the game for you, but make sure to convert as many glyphs as possible before joining. If Mystera Annur cannot be found, hope for BLUDTUPOWA. If fireball cannot be located early enough, alternatives include combinations of CYDSTEPP, HALPMEH, and BLUDTUPOWA.


Not that difficult. Since there is nothing to poison or weaken you, you can easily take on higher level Dragonspawn and Warlocks. Just attack until you're on the brink of death and then use fireballs to heal yourself again. Just make sure to conserve some potions for the bosses and have a level up or two midfight.


The Sorcerer has a special advantage against Animated Armour. Each time the sorcerer attacks one their Mana Shield ability will remove an additional rank of death protection from the animated armor. Consider trying a Dwarf so that you can survive hits from higher-level armors sooner. Even so, the quickest way to level is fireballing level 9 armors. Another decent race is halfling, since you will get a load of health potions to kill Iron Man.

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