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Mana is used for casting spells (known as Glyphs) in Desktop Dungeons. Each hero begins with mana and the ability to use it, although some classes are more skilled with the use of it than others.

Glyphs and Spells

  • In order to use a glyph you've found, you must click "pick up" in the "on ground" slot, and it will appear in your spell slots.
  • Casting a spell on a monster does NOT trigger a melee combat exchange.
    • Glyphs that aren't very useful to you should be converted by dragging them into the conversion Conversion.PNG icon. This will give you a benefit depending upon your race. Humans get more attack power, for example.
      • Some gods may praise or take swift retribution for conversion of some glyphs once you've chosen them as your diety. Taurog will give +5 piety for each conversion while The Glowing Guardian will renounce you for destroying HALPMEH.

Gaining Mana

Mana is typically regenerated as you explore.

  • The BLUDTUPOWA glyph increases mana gain to 2 MP / 1 tile while active.
  • Some Monsters (Wraith, Bandit) and even gods (Taurog) can inflict Mana Burn. Mana Burn prevents you from regenerating your mana whilst uncovering unexplored areas but can be cured by using a mana potion, the "Sign of the spirits" item, or by leveling (Research info required: will buying a mana burn immunity charm (Soul Orb) cure it?
    • The Crusader and Vampire classes begin with Mana Burn Immunity (the "Soul orb" item will grant Immunity as well). This ability can still be removed by worshipping some gods.

Mana Capacity

Most classes start with a 10 mana point pool, this can be increased or decreased by several factors:

  • Gods can increase or decrease your mana capacity.
  • Picking up Mana Powerups MPBoostNew.png will increase the explorer's capacity by one, there exists 3 of these in each dungeon (4 for the Thief)
  • Converting Glyphs as the Elf race will increase MP capacity by 2.
  • Items can play a large role in increasing or decreasing the explorer's capacity as well. The high level "Magician's moonstrike" will increase it by 15 but renders melee combat useless.

It is possible to have negative mana, but be careful! Having exactly 0 mana will cause an error that crashes the game (alpha).

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