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The Siege of Lothlorien is a special 3-stage challenge dungeon. The three stages run consecutively with no break in between, meaning your gold stocks have to last across all three levels. It is initially locked but can be made available once all playable classes and races have been unlocked.


Level 1 - Scouting

You play an elven rogue - 20% dodge, +50% damage, first strike, glyphs convert to +2 mana. The enemies are Goblins, Gorgons, Imps and Goats. Imps and especially Goats are the easy meat here, with one-hit kills aplenty. CYDSTEPP, BURNDAYRAZ and APHEELSIK are glyphs worth hoping for, and deities with +% damage are a help. The boss is a goblin with 20% resistances, 90 damage and 397 hits. Plan on finding a way to plink him down while healing in between blows. This boss, like the next one, is pretty much tooled in a way that makes him impossible to defeat using any single strategy. Fireball chains with Mystera, full damage dealing with Taurog, things of that nature alone won't be enough. You'll need to use level-ups as free heals for both health and mana to chip away at him as you progress- just be careful that the only creatures left to level up on aren't Goblins, because having first strike on them means you'll trade instead and if you're low already from attacking the boss this could result in an accidental potion use.

Level 2 - Defending the walls

This time you're an Elf Wizard. Enemies are Naga, Dragonspawn, Serpents, Goats. Boss is a Dragonspawn with 75 damage, 954 hits and 25% magic resistance. Even worshipping Mystera Annur, I wouldn't bet on fireballing him to death. Again, you'll need to become a sort of melee wizard to deal with the dragon straight-up. This doesn't mean go Binlor or Taurog- though if you think you can swing the Avatar ability as a "last level up for a heal" tactic than go for it. Because you'll need physical attacks as well as magical, be wary when fighting the Naga. They're there for a reason- even taking a single Weakening blow from them could spell doom for the campaign as the missing damage adds up and costs you in the final battle. Conversely, the goats are there as excellent leveling tools for your mage. Having lower hit points but higher attack means they're prone to the First Strike via Higher Level effect- and because your attack is weakened as a mage, this works out about even. Alternatively, as with all these campaign scenarios, you could also simply worship Jehora, hit the Polymorph button, and pray you get a tier 1 boss that's much easier to for a mage to handle- like the ghost.

Level 3 - Kill the Leader

Ever wanted to be an Elf Berzerker? Here your wishes are fulfilled, and you're likely to be low on cash by this point as well. You'll be fighting a remix of enemies from the previous levels, and the boss is a Goat with 300-odd hits, dealing 270 damage per hit (so plan on being incredibly tough or casting CYDSTEPP a lot). Oh, and he blinks, so if you were thinking of hitting him, poisoning him and then exploring to regain hits/mana... sorry.

Level 3 Tips

  • Deities are key here, getting Jehora Jeheyu and subsequently using polymorph makes this a winnable battle.
  • Health potions are also worthless in the boss fight, use them only to level up!
  • CYDSTEPP and getting the Poison Blade from a shop is a lucky break.
  • Make sure you unlock as much as you can before undertaking this quest as it makes it much, much easier.
  • It's best to begin the map with the final battle in mind. Every decision you make should revolve around the laser focus of how you're going to deal with an enemy that 90% of the time will kill you instantly with every attack. Dodge Boots and CYDSTEPP form a nice combo when they work- you dodge once or twice, and this saves repeat casts of CYDSTEPP which as a Berserker are very expensive. And remember- in the end, you're fighting a Goat. Goats are supposed to have two things- high attack, and low HP. Beating him at his own game via Death Protection and every attack buff on the map is the way to go. That, or lucking out with Jehora.


  • Level 1's Elven Rogue, Snafu Glitterfinger, is a god that was scrapped in the June 10, 2010 release of Desktop Dungeons. The Snafu most likely represents it's five-letter expression as the god's name was simply Glitterfinger. Glitterfinger granted extra gold to the player upon a successful kill and there was no way to anger him. However, because granting a measly 1 gold for every kill was useful only for beginning players, Glitterfinger quickly became very useless for mid-end game Crawlers and was seen by most as a "waste of a shrine" by that point. His ability was retooled and merged with Binlor, who now grants starting piety based on the amount of gold collected over the course of the current map.
  • It's entirely possible, through the use of Polymorph, to turn a boss from one section of the campaign into another. I found this out the hard way when after Polymorphing the Goblin boss from part 1 I found myself facing the Dragon boss from part 2 instead.

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