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|boss=Gharbad the- Whoa!
|boss=Gharbad the- Whoa!
|quote="Don't get hit."

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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Attack 100%
Health 75%
Abilities Magical resist 25%
Unlocked by Complete Normal dungeon as Wizard

The Goat is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the game as a Wizard, and is generally considered one of the weaker, if more memorable, monsters in the game. The boss version of the goat is Gharbad the- whoah!, a reference to a demon NPC in Diablo and one of the tougher bosses in the game.


  • Health: 75%
  • Damage: 100%
  • Magic resist 25%


Against regular goats, the best strategy is almost always to just attack them normally, since their low health means they won't put up much of a fight. The magic resistance is annoying, especially under Mystera Annur, but it's also low enough that this only makes goats a slight threat as opposed to a game-stopping one.

Boss info

Gharbad the- Whoa!
"Don't get hit."
Attack 225
Health 169
Abilities Magic resist 60%

"Hero! Gharbad no longer be pushed around by you! Gharbad not weak! Gharbad make weapon to hurt you and everyone else who hurt Gharbad and Gharbad friends! Gharbad hurt you very hard! Gharbad live, you die!"

Gharbad is most notable because it is the single most damaging creature in the game, with an attack power of 225. Unless you're playing a very lucky dwarf Monk, attacking Gharbad without some way of avoiding his attack is suicidal. There's a few ways to beat Gharbad, however. The most reliable way is the CYDSTEPP glyph, as it will let you survive a single attack by Gharbad. BURNDAYRAZ isn't as effective as usual, due to Gharbad's increased (60%) magic resistance, but it is an acceptable alternative if no other options are available. If you can kill Gharbad in a single melee attack, some means of first strike is invaluable. APHEELSIK is not as effective as usual due to Gharbad's magic resistance, but if you've got no other options, you may as well try. If all else fails, pray to Tikki Tooki that you can dodge his first attack and kill him with your second.

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