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Tier 4 Class
File:Human Heretic Large.png
Class traits
Indulgences are never spent; gain health, base damage, and mana based on indulgences
Gain 3 CP/piety lost when angering a god, immune to punishments
Scout all altars, cannot convert or desecrate, auto-desecrate worshipped altar on level up and reduce piety to 0
Suggested Races
Class Challenges
Building: Church Level 4 Church]]

"These hardline antitiests demonstrate impressive religious knowledge and talent. They direct most of their incredible skill to the cause of pranking their nemeses, the Crusaders."

The Heretic is a special Tier 4 class from the Desktop Dungeons: Extreme Edition mod, unlocked by paying 3000 gold at the Church. The class specializes in using gods in unorthodox ways, primarily by deliberately antagonizing them.


Heretic strategy is a lot more complex than it initially appears, thanks in no small part to turning the way you must think about the gods on its head. The biggest plus the class has is the ability to worship every god on the map and accrue many boons from different gods with relative ease, in a manner similar to the Goatperson. The difference is, you only get a god once, Goatperson can cycle through the altars multiple times. This means to maximize your potential, you must VERY carefully decide when to worship each god and how to spend the piety gained under them, be that on particular boons or by angering the god to convert piety to conversion points.

Because of the sheer complexity of godplay in general and the limited, random altar spawns, this makes Heretic one of the most difficult classes to plan out. Options will change drastically depending on what gods happen to spawn, and the options within those you will want to take drastically differ depending on the dungeon, your race, and item selection. There is no one main gameplan the Heretic wants to follow, they must adapt on the fly to truly stand out. Being unable to stay with a particular god for long is a severe limitation on each one's individual strategy, stackable boons such as Dracul's lifesteal and sanguine boons especially get much harder to use. Always try to keep in mind how much piety you need, how much you can reasonably gain in one level's time, and even how your god's starting piety works to make smart decisions, and always remember that piety drops to 0 every time you level up. If at all possible, try to vent off remaining unspent piety by angering your god before leveling up.

The only true constant weapon at the Heretic's disposal is INDULGENT, which increases their stats upon automatically desecrating their current god. Having all 6 indulgences is a pretty significant pad to the stats, even disregarding boons altogether. Of particular note is the +3 total mana, which when combined with default boosters tally up to an impressive 16 base, enough to get 6 mana out of a single potion with absolutely no additional investment needed into items, boons, or preps. This can lend itself to some of the most solid hybrid characters around, with the proper setup.


Race: Human Human: INDULGENT eventually ends up giving the Heretic 6 additional base damage, slightly more than an entire level's worth. Humans obviously will get good mileage out of that with damage bonus.

Race: Gnome Gnome: INDULGENT also increases base mana, up to 16 when combined with the three boosters. This makes potions pay out 1-1 in fireballs, and 2 potions will buy 3 PISORF casts, which will enjoy the base damage boost INDULGENT also provides.

Race: Goblin Goblin: A much trickier and riskier pick, but not one without use. Goblins make interesting Heretics for two reasons: 1. they can better control when they level up, and therefore leave a god, without killing monsters who would otherwise be very useful for gaining piety with the next god, and B. BLASPEMOUS will allow the goblin to directly convert piety to EXP, which has a range of applications. INDULGENT helps offset Goblin's low stats to boot, though you will still want to snag some boons and items to make full use of the race.


You'll probably want to visit all deities regardless, but some are more important than others because of how little time you have to collect piety.

God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu awards piety based on tiles visited and so can be acquired very late, and provides several useful late-game boons in return.


Item: Stone Sigil Stone Sigil Heretic is VERY pressed for time to get the appropriate piety for their boons, so the usually underwhelming effect of the stone sigil is GREATLY appreciated for squeezing as much piety as possible into one level's time.