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Tier 4 Class
File:Human Magician Large.png
Class traits
Starts with the WEYTWUT glyph
Glyph conversion slows adjacent monsters and removes their basic debuffing traits
Heavy fireballs and +20% melee damage versus slowed monsters
Suggested Races
Class Challenges
Building: Mage Tower Level 4 Mage Tower]]

"Most Magicians were once more reputable Wizards who got sick of being poor. Despite possessing actual magical talent, they usually just con people to get by. Fortunately the threat of judicial action is enough to get them adventuring from time to time."

The Magician is a special tier 4 class introduced in the Extreme Edition mod. Like other classes from the Mage Tower, efficient use of the class revolves around glyphs.



Race: Elf Elf: Magicians need a lot of mana, so elf makes a natural fit. Combined with helpful gods to get your mana up or slow things for free, an Elf Magician can rely on intense burn damage to smite high level monsters with relative ease.

Race: Gnome Gnome: A decent alternative for players not relying on gods, Gnomes shine as Magicians because they are in no real hurry to convert, so there's very little from stopping you from hoarding all your glyphs until the ending boss spike, converting them next to the boss for free slows paying for the actual fireballs with the mana potions generated from the conversions themselves.


God: The Earthmother The Earthmother is a no-brainer, given her God boon: Entanglement Entanglement boon is the single most useful tool to a Magician (AND she offers mana restores to boot) but she's not the only one worth thinking about. God: Mystera Annur Mystera Annur and God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu also make fantastic picks, the former for offering more mana and additional restores of said mana, and the latter for increasing mana and generally paying generous amounts of piety for slowing things, as you want to anyway, not to mention his free glyph counts for SMOKE AND MIRRORS.