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Desktop Dungeons Extreme Edition is a fan-made mod that adds content to nearly every area of the game, a lot of it much more challenging than the base game. It is intended to be released in five stages, three of which have already been released.

It is available for download here: http://ddmod.weebly.com

Added Features



Traits Suggested Races How to Unlock

CENTRE OF ATTENTION: Starts with WONAFYT that ignores resists and tickets enemies it slows.

SHOW GOES ON: Restore 1 mana for every 3 health per level lost from enemies.

ENCORE: Refill 3 health per level on XP-valuable kill.

- Subdungeon with two islands, with a monster and a bard on the opposite island. Requires WEYTWUT and WONAFYT glyphs to get to the island and have the monster in there as well. Then talk to the Bard three times.


Main article: Magician

Traits Suggested Races How to Unlock


SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Glyph conversion slows adjacent monsters and removes any debuffing traits

FLASH: Heavy Fireballs against slowed monsters; +20% melee damage against slowed monsters

- Upgrade Mage Tower to level 4.


Main article: Heretic

Traits Suggested Races How to Unlock

INDULGENT: Indulgences are never spent; gain health, base damage, and mana based on indulgences

BLASPHEMOUS: Gain 3 CP/piety lost when angering a god, immune to punishments

OBSCENE MISSION: Scout all altars, cannot convert or desecrate, auto-desecrate worshipped altar on level up and reduce piety to 0

- Upgrade Church to level 4.


Traits Suggested Races How to Unlock

EARTHEN MAGIC: Starts with IMAWAL, IMAWAL creates plants, casting on empty spaces or targets grants temporary buffs.

SEETHING BLOOD: +1% damage per health overhealed, overheal on level up, potions can overheal and overcharge.

UNSTABLE MUTATION: +40% experience per level, +60% potion effect at the cost of 40% of the opposite bar.

Human, Halfling, Dwarf Shadow Bog subdungeon; requires defeating a plant with huge riposte, 99% lifesteal, magic immune, and base 25 damage after being blocked off from the rest of the dungeon. Talk to the abomination afterwards to finalize the unlock.


Traits Suggested Races How to Unlock

TROLL BRAIN: Whenever you are dealt damage exceeding your health regeneration, shroud a tile

TROLL FEAR: Gain death protection on every 6th tile you explore, all monsters have +10% knockback

TROLL BODY: Resists capped at 35%, -30% attack bonus

- Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Pt. 3


Name Region Difficulty Flavor Text Boss(es) Monsters

Ancient Scrapyard



Dumps like this one are some of the few remnants of the once great northern empire. Today, they are avoided, as the defective creations seem to have outlived their creators.

The Forgotten One

Steel Golem, Arcane Golem, Undying Sculptor, 3x random monster

Hidden Workshop



This secret workshop has been hiding under the sands untouched since the fall of the Northern Empire. What purpose it serves is a mystery, but it certainly gives off an important vibe, given how hard it was to find.

Lavavein, Goodusa

Steel Golem, Flint Golem, Arcane Golem, Stone Jelly, Goo Blob, 1x random monster

Flooded Foundry



You've traced the influx of ancient golems to a flooded building, but strangely enough there isn't a water source for miles. All you can do is wonder: was the flooding to keep you out, or keep something in?

Prototype 1*, Prototype 3*, ???

Golem, Goo Blob, Steel Golem, Stone Jelly, Arcane Golem, Flint Golem, Undying Sculptor, Sapphire Golem

Oasis Town



This small, peaceful desert town has sent out numerous requests for an adventurer to deal with a "minor goat-related issue." As the nearest kingdom, you feel duty-bound to help them and receive a hefty cash reward.

Chieftain Dal'Zak

Possessed Goat, Goat, 4x random monster

Lekon's Table



The recently growing Cult of Lekon are gathering at this ancient temple for some large ritual sacrifice. Preeminent divine scholars are in disagreement over what it will do, but they seem to generally agree this is a bad thing.

The Sacrifice*, ???

Warlock, Goat, Djinn, Cultist, Thrall, Profaned Flesh, Lekon's Chosen

Deadman's Pass



Contrary to popular belief, this rarely traversed alpine path is named after its discoverer: Victor Deadman. Unfortunately, the roaming undead packs and fallen adventurers do little to clear up this misconception.

Victor Deadman

Zombie, Frozen Corpse, Vampire, 2x random monster, Fallen Adventurers (fighter, thief, priest, wizard)

Everfrost Peak



This perpetually sub-zero peak hosts a wide selection of frozen adventurers. Occasionally, unscrupulous fellows will start up a sculpture boutique, but would be auctioneers tend to accidentally join their merchandise.

Frozen Dragon

Goblin, Frozen Troll, Frozen Corpse, Sapphire Golem, Freezing Wraith, 1x random monster

Troll Laboratory



This giant cave network houses a growing society of trolls.This is strange and scary, as trolls are usually incapable of rational thought and organization.

Dr. Victroll Trollenstein

Frozen Troll, Forest Troll, Rock Troll, Desert Troll, Reanimated Troll, Troll Scientist

Frigid Battlefield



Most of the Far East is a frigid, grassy plain, haunted by spectral Naga. This land, however, seems more tainted than the rest. Whatever curse afflicts it has made the growth rampant, and the Naga guard its secret fiercely.

Memory of the South, Memory of the East

Naga Frostblade, Naga Swampsoul, Freezing Wraith, Soul Sucker, Sun Priestess, Forgotten Kinsman

Phantom Citadel



This massive Naga fortress stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. While snow stretches on forever in all directions, the citadel and its lands appear completely untouched by the weather.

Elisssa Ahau

Naga Swampsoul, Naga Frostblade, Naga Fireweaver, Naga Shadowsire, Sun Priestess

Endless Blizzard



The lands beyond the Eastern Naga are shielded by an impenetrable snowstorm. It's unclear why anyone would want to enter such a place, as the source of the cold must lie within.



Goblin Settlement



Goblins get a deservedly bad reputation for being the only kingdom race commonly found in dungeons. This justified discrimination leads to heroes constantly plundering goblin settlements, but being pillaged year in and year out makes for awfully well-guarded treasure.

King Bogg

Goblin Trapper, Goblin Miner, Goblin, 3x random monster

Forsaken Temple



Sunken beneath Hexx Ruins, this eerily quiet sanctuary shows no signs of recent disturbance. Ancient riches lie within, yet the stale, silent air bears on intruders with a strange malice.

The Great One

Rusted Guardian, Pythoness, Ratling, Goblin Trapper, Wraith, 1x random monster

Shadow Bog



While the Naga usually prefer carving through bogs to claim new lands, these unusual fens have evaded colonization. The lack of Naga has allowed all sorts of irregular beasts to flourish, but the viscous shadows which haunt the area, consuming all they touch, present a danger no army could overcome...


Swamp Worm, Rusted Guardian, Beholder, Forgotten Soul, Goblin Trapper, Pestilent Bloat

Abandoned Nest



This unnavigable hellhole houses swarms of rats, but the original structures seems built for something much larger. Whatever once inhabited here, its residual corruption has seeped into the soil and granted the new inhabitants unusual strength.


Pythoness, Ratling Priest, Ratling Warrior, Swamp Worm, Beholder, ???

Exile's Path



Although this underground path was safe when Kingdom's founders first crossed it, the once empty trail has filled with monsters. Many have attempted a repeat crossing, but all have returned unsuccessfully in an anomalous sort of despair.


Rusted Guardian, Goblin Trapper, Pestilent Bloat, Swamp Worm, Beholder, Siabrae