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Dumps like this one are some of the few remnants of the once great northern empire. Today, they are avoided, as the defective creations seem to have outlived their creators.
Ancient Scrapyard
Region North
Difficulty Normal
Monster Stats 100%
Population Monster: Golem Golem, Monster: Steel Golem Steel Golem, Monster: Undying Sculptor Undying Sculptor, Monster: Arcane Golem Arcane Golem, Monster: Random Random
Bosses Boss: The Forgotten One The Forgotten One
Suggested Classes Any
Quests None
Unlock Unlocked by default
File:Ancient Scrapyard.png
Ancient Scrapyard Map

Dumps like this one are some of the few remnants of the once great northern empire. Today, they are avoided, as the defective creations seem to have outlived their creators.

Special Rules

Striking the boss will engage the "Soul Sword Protocol," giving all monsters Trait: No Experience No Experience and tying them to the boss's mechanics.


Ancient Scrapyard is the first Extreme Edition dungeon players will unlock and play, so it isn't too difficult. The only real danger is the boss, most of the monsters aren't anything crazy, and the only one with a nasty surprise has such low stats that you will quickly shed fear and see them as ideal bonus experience targets. Some useful tips are to find additional sources of experience (you want ample popcorn alive for the boss, to cut its stats down) like Item: Amulet of Yendor Amulet of Yendor, God boon: Chaos Avatar Chaos Avatar, and Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL, and to NOT waste the big guns opening on the boss. Ideally, you will want to hit him with a fireball to trigger the fight, use remaining blackspace to beat down the last of the high-level monsters, and THEN start popping Whupaz, Reflex Potion, and other such spikes while using the last of the popcorn to keep the boss's damage low as you chase him around to finish him off. Death protections can help in a pinch, if his damage starts spiraling out of control in the last few hits.

The quests don't change the strategy up a lot. Magicians don't really have many strengths or weaknesses here (though they COULD theoretically take a pure fireball approach to the boss, this will not work in the Hoarder-vicious quest) compared to other classes and vicious token strategy doesn't differ any, it's just tighter. Note that even under the vicious token, The Forgotten One's damage still caps out at 150 and rises/falls as it does normally, so really the only change Vicious Token makes on him in particular is double health and a stronger opening hit.


Boss: The Forgotten One
Hard Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 636 1272
Ancient Scrapyard

The Forgotten One is a rather deadly boss despite only being "normal" difficulty. As soon as he takes damage, he activates "Soul Sword," which bumps his attack to 150, gives him Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball, and makes all monsters on the map Trait: No Experience No Experience. Killing a monster will remove Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball and lower attack proportional to the monster's level (bottoming out at 1), and attacking The Forgotten One will restore Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball and increase his attack a bit back toward 150. The key is to leave enough monsters to defang The Forgotten One long enough to cleave through his rather sizable health.


Dumpster Diving

Defeat Ancient Scrapyard as a Magician, and earn Badge: DING! Max! DING! Max!

Reward: 750 gold and unlock Hidden Workshop

Errand Boy, pt 1

Defeat Ancient Scrapyard with Badge: Hoarder Hoarder and Badge: Vicious Vicious

Reward: 3333 gold