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Investigations, also known as Curious Dungeons, are special, remixed versions of the home dungeon that award a special badge on completion. For all intents and purposes, they are their own dungeon that share class completion and badges with their standard counterpart, as Curious dungeons can have different difficulty settings, special rules, and even bosses from the usual dungeon. In almost all cases, they are much more difficult, too.

List of Dungeons

Dungeon Curious Summary

Dungeon: Hobbler's Hold Hobbler's Hold

The True Lord

Items on the ground are unconvertable, weaker "bargain" versions, Lord Gobb is level 15 (144 attack, 1004 HP)

Dungeon: Venture Cave Venture Cave

Vicious Capital

Monster stats are 150%. All monsters have 35% physical resistance (stacked on top of existing resistances, in the case of goo blobs and the boss) and no level 1 monsters. Boss is The Banker, (76 attack, 888 HP, 70% total physical resistance)

Dungeon: Den of Danger Den of Danger

Deadly Investments

Monster stats are 150%. All monsters have 35% magical resistance (stacked on top of existing resistances, in the case of golems and the boss) and no level 1 monsters. Boss is The Banker, (76 attack, 888 HP, 70% total magical resistance)

Dungeon: Northern Desert Northern Desert

Mirror Magic

More water tiles, Aequitas has double health, and spawns copies of himself with his original Northern Desert stats every time he takes damage. All clones must be killed to win.

Dungeon: Eastern Tundra Eastern Tundra

Bloody Twilight

All monsters have 99% lifesteal. BlahBlah blinks, and has much more health.

Dungeon: Southern Swamp Southern Swamp

Cursed Soil

Mysterious Murkshades weaken and corrode, there's more of them, and leveling up spawns several more. Jörmungandr has much more health.

Dungeon: Western Jungle Western Jungle

High Tide

The water tiles on the side extend further in, water tiles replace some of the walls. Getanadafix has 5 Death Protections, and spawns a new type of plant with 100% deathgaze and Unstable (Does unresistable damage equal to remaining health when killed, in this case, 1)

Dungeon: Grimm's Grotto Grimm's Grotto

The Gauntlet

All monsters are new (Flint Golem, Undying Sculptor, Naga Fireweaver, Naga Frostblade, Ratling Priest, Beholder, Siabrae, Freezing Wraith, Forgotten Soul) and the boss is Horatio the Immortal (105 attack, 999 HP)

Dungeon: Doubledoom Doubledoom


6 random bosses are spawned instead of 2.

Dungeon: Rock Garden Rock Garden

United We Stand

Half the monsters have 50% physical resistance, and half have 50% magical resistance (stacking on top of a monster's innate resistances). The 2 golems that spawn on levelup have 90% of either one (1 with 90% magical, one with 90% physical.) Earth Guardian has 90% magical resist and double health, Stone Guardian has 90% magical resist and double health. The third random boss is unchanged.

Dungeon: Creeplight Ruins Creeplight Ruins

Call from Beyond

All monsters are cultists, that always revive into level 1 zombies. Killing the sacrificial goat turns all cultists into level 10 shades. Anoobis's third form is a Forgotten Soul rather than a Wraith.

Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins

Endless Horde

All monsters spawn 2 revenents on death, that are equal to YOUR level instead of the monster's. If anyone's alive at all when striking Stheno, she gains Pacifist, Magical Immune, and Physical Immune.

Dungeon: Havendale Bridge Havendale Bridge

River Revenge

Bridge Troll is a mandatory level 10 boss, Zin Kibaru blinks and has MUCH higher stats.

Dungeon: Shifting Passages Shifting Passages


All spawned walls are water, kills spawn in more walls than usual, and Evolvia has all of its random traits active constantly, in addition to Curse Bearer.

Dungeon: Halls of Steel Halls of Steel

Tempered Steel

All monsters have 1 Death Protection equal to their level, on top of existing DP (so, Animated Armors get 2 per level) including the bosses, Indomitable is much tougher.

Dungeon: Ick Swamp Ick Swamp

Blighted Overgrowth

All plants have Corrupting Aura: 1. All monsters spawn random plants, number based on half their level, including bosses. Itsssama blinks.

Dungeon: The Labyrinth The Labyrinth

Rat in a Maze

4 Minotaur bosses, all identical, stalk you through the dungeon from the very beginning. They work exactly like Rex, but with half his HP and gaining 1% of both resistances every time a wall is destroyed.

Dungeon: Cursed Oasis Cursed Oasis

Dimensional Dissonance

All monsters are in the cursed realm, except bandits. Always 1 bandit for each level, independent of the normal monster count (including bandits, there's 11 lvl1's, 6 lvl2's, 3 lvl9's...). Cursed Shade is impossible(999 damage, 9999 HP, 90% both resists), and Cursed Dragon has more health.

Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp

Unstoppable Fury

All monsters have Berserk 50% and a Death Protection (berserkers have 100%) as well as leveling up with you. Bjorn has massively increased attack, and 5 Death Protections.

Dungeon: The Slime Pit The Slime Pit

Meaty Madness

All monsters are Meat Men variants. Two additional stages of decay give all monsters Weakening Blow and Riposte 10%. Super Meat Man has Riposte 10% natively, and both bosses are affected by decay.

Dungeon: Magma Mines Magma Mines

Blood Brothers

Damaging one of the minibosses gives the other and the main boss health, past their maximum. The other doesn't drop to 1 HP with his partner is killed.

Dungeon: Tower of Gaan-Telet Tower of Gaan-Telet


Horatio has his Vicious Gaan-Telet stats.

Dungeon: Vicious Steel Vicious Steel

Eternal Foes

BlahBlah revives into an identical copy of himself (have to fight him twice) and The Indomitable is now a much different boss, with 100 Death Protections, but only 1 HP, and his 50 attack damage doesn't lower as he loses them. The Indomitable is in his own special subdungeon, which BlahBlah blocks access to.

Dungeon: Demonic Library Demonic Library

Curse of Hellfire

All enemies are Unstable. Avatar's boss room is pre-filled with "???" minions, all with unstable and 5 Death Protections. Avatar sits at the back of his room rather than the middle.

Dungeon: Namtar's Lair Namtar's Lair

Echos of Power

Copies of all of Namtar's previous forms accompany the real one, only the last one killed in a phase gives experience.

Dungeon: Naga City Naga City


Instead of 3 rounds of 3 bosses in the final showdown, it's 3 rounds of 9 bosses, including all Hard difficulty dungeon bosses like Rex, Evolvia, and The Indomitable. Kinisssch is a pushover.

Dungeon: Dragon Isles Dragon Isles

Trueblood Guardians

All monsters spawn a Dragon Ancestor on death, a hunting remnant that has Protective Blessing. The dragon guards and dragon elites are level 10, and are Magic/Physical Immune instead of resistant. There's even more guards present than usual, too.

Dungeon: Vicious Gaan-Telet Vicious Gaan-Telet

A Final Challenge

All altars are on the main floor, and the 9 towers all feature 5 new Extreme Edition enemies each, same set as the Grimm's Grotto curious. The towers still have their usual items, and all five monsters per tower are the same monster. Horatio has 3 extra intermission phases on top of his usual stats.

Ancient Scrapyard

Automatic Protocols

Killing monsters will start a countdown. After 10 kills, the boss's Soul Sword Protocol engages, forcing you into fight.

Hidden Workshop

Soul Drain

Goodusa's damage nerfed to 75, and Death Gaze to 25%. Monster kills give Goodusa Death Gaze% and Riposte%, in addition to the usual resists. Lavavein gains berserk% and max health, in addition to rising damage.

Oasis Town

Real Goat Issue

Initial goat is one level higher. More Cursed Goats than usual. Dal'Zak's random form traits are triple effective, essentially empowering him with 9 boosts rather than 3.

Flooded Foundry


All Corestones are at the entrance, none drop from monsters. Prototype 1 has double health for all forms. Prototype 3 has Curse Bearer. Both have doubled damage stats.Jealous Apprentice spawns 2 golems at a time, and all of them give no experience.

Lekon's Table

Sins of the Father

Lekon's Chosen cycle through special versions based on the 7 deadly sins, in predictable order upon being revived/unshrouded, making them generally much tougher to beat.

Deadman's Pass

Boss-Tier Buddies

Victor Deadman is Pacifist and therefore unbeatable until all Fallen Adventurers are slain first.

Everfrost Peak

Spider's Curse

Frostbite per tile revealed happens sooner, and gets worse. Eventually you will start suffering weakening and corrosion when exploring, and shortly after, poison and manaburn. Finally, exploring much further will just kill you.

Frigid Battlefield


Two new bosses join the original two, Future of the East and Future of the South. All 4 must still be killed back to back, and all bosses have lower health than usual.

Troll Laboratory

Power Harvesting

Trollenstein starts with an absolutely massive 6001 HP and no special traits. Killing minibosses will GIVE him his traits, and reduce his max health by 1000 each.

Phantom Citadel

Fading Curse

All monsters turn into Essence Whispers after your level exceeds theirs, no EXP spirits with Protective Blessing, that surround the boss at the end of the dungeon if not dealt with previously.

Endless Blizzard

Endless Journey

The dungeon is almost entirely revamped, requiring the player to go through all 5 possible sub areas with the level limits being broken, final bosses have different traits too.