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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:BYSSEPS
2 Mana Points  Missing info
Hotkey B

Unlocking the glyph

BYSSEPS starts unlocked.


In most situations, BYSSEPS won't make a big difference. 30% damage bonus is a nice boost, but generally not game-changing, and at 3% per strike, it will take a lot of hits to put any serious dent in a monster's resistances. However, this weakness is offset somewhat by the extremely low mana cost, which makes BYSSEPS a good way to spend any left over mana when you can't afford to cast more powerful spells. It can also make BYSSEPS more significant in some specific situations.

The Class: Monk Monk is probably the class who benefits the most from this glyph. Since they have a penalty to their damage, BYSSEPS can help them to overcome their low damage. They will also have plenty of opportunities to use this glyph, since they need a large amount of attacks to beat their foes down.

The other class who can make good use of BYSSEPS is the Class: Wizard Wizard, especially an Orc Wizard, when played as a hybrid character. Costing only 1 mana, occupying only a small slot and with the option of draining the CPs out of it by converting other items, it costs almost nothing for the Wizard to carry around BYSSEPS and use it whenever possible, compensating somewhat for his otherwise mediocre combat abilities.

Binlor worshippers receive +1 Piety every time they cast BYSSEPS. This is not a big deal, but since BYSSEPS is so cheap, it can add up in the long run.


  • The Vicious Tower of Gaan'telet is one of the very few places where BYSSEPS plays an important role. The boss has rather high health coupled with resistances, so BYSSEPS is ironically a must-have.

Despite this being the best possible situation in the game, GETINDARE is still arguably better.