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Special Class
Human Crusader Large.png
Class traits
Successive killing blows add 15% bonus damage, leveling up or losing momentum halves bonus
Immune to Poison, Mana Burn, and Curses
Extra altar in dungeon
Suggested Races
Class: Crusader Orc Crusader
Class Challenges
No challenges
Special Quest

Class Features

  • MOMENTUM: Successive killing blows add 15% bonus damage, leveling up or losing momentum halves bonus
  • SCARRED: Immune to Poison, Mana Burn, and Curses
  • MARTYR: Extra altar in dungeon



The Class: Crusader Orc Crusader makes by far the best race for Crusaders. Due to his massive attack bonus, an Orc Crusader's heightened base attack will be multiplied to enormous proportions. It is virtually impossible for a Human Crusader to exceed the attack power of an Orc Crusader, and other races simply don't make sense by comparison.


Once you have unlocked every one of the Gods, you may encounter the Crusader in a subdungeon. You must reach 100 piety with any deity in order to gain his trust, at which point you will unlock the Crusader class. Reaching 100 piety is easiest with God: The Earthmother The Earthmother. A single use of her plantation boon is usually enough to generate 100 piety.


The Crusader can build up to massive amounts of attack bonus by chaining kills. This allows Crusaders to deal massive amounts of damage that other classes simply couldn't achieve with a single blow. On the other hand, this bonus is halved if he doesn't land a killing blow (including with Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ, so watch out!), so he must repeatedly kill low-level monsters to rebuild his momentum and deal his maximum damage. This makes it exceedingly important to leave lots of low-level monsters alive for the boss battle, and makes him work very well with deities like Tikki Tooki. Managing popcorn monsters is the most important part of playing Crusader, as you'll need them to kill higher level monsters or bosses faster.

Interestingly, Glyph: PISORF PISORF doesn't cause you to lose your momentum, so if you need extra damage, PISORF is preferrable to BURNDAYRAZ.

One of the best features of the Crusader is that he's immune to Poison, Mana Burn, and Curses. With this, you can use Patches to your advantage, as Patches' mana burn or poison won't screw you up.

One particularly devious strategy with the Crusader is the so-called "one-hit-wonder". This Crusader prepares a strength potion or purchases one in dungeon, and otherwise works to maximize his attack bonus (usually by playing orc and converting just about everything). He then builds up momentum and activates the strength potion. This will grant him a single attack that deals massive damage. This is often enough to wipe out a weaker boss.