Deadly Shadows

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The Deadly Shadows dungeon is the Class: Thief Thief gold challenge. The boss is a unique Monster: Goblin Goblin named Sillyname.


None allowed.

Resources Available

You start out with the Item: Balanced Dagger Balanced Dagger that you won in the last Thief challenge. No altars, no shops. Gold piles are still present, as are stat boosters.

Monsters Present

All monsters present are of unique types, present only in this level. Something to be thankful for.

  • Spellslingers use the Monster: Warlock Warlock image. They have similar stats to Warlocks, if not slightly lower, and have the traits Mana Burn, Poisonous, and First Strike. Avoid them unless you're about to level up, and keep in mind that they make for terrible popcorn (not that you're going to have a lot left, here).
  • Mercenaries use the Monster: Bandit Bandit image. Their stats are normal, but they have the Weakening Blow trait. Use them to level.
  • Castle Guards use the Monster: Animated Armour Animated Armour image. They have the exact same stats as the Mercenaries, but have the Corrosive trait instead, and they leave corrosive pools when they die.

It's a toss-up whether corrosion or weakening is worse, so just try to avoid taking on either more than you have to.

Unique Dungeon Traits

Trapped chests are present, as they are for all Thief challenges. It is very important that you kill these as soon as you are able. Their contents are invaluable for surviving this dungeon.


Lord Karras Sillyname is a Monster: Goblin Goblin, and he's pretty annoying. He has 120 attack and 150 health, and the trait Retaliate: Fireball.


It is quite possible that you will be boxed in as this dungeon starts. If so, restart and save yourself the indignity of the game over screen. You're going to be seeing it enough as-is.

The dungeon is composed of many narrow corridors. Exploration is very limited, due to monster density.

The level 1 trapped chest contains GETINDARE. This dungeon will be very difficult to win if you cannot acquire this early. As the layout is completely randomized, you cannot count on any of the trapped chests being accessible to you before the very end. You're going to die a lot.

About half the chests contain either Fortitude Potions or Burn Salves. While you might be tempted to use them right away, keep in mind that there is no way to get more of them, and two thirds of the monsters in this level have either the Weakening or Corrosive traits. Try to conserve at least one of each type until you move on to tackling Sillyname.

The other three chests contain the IMAWAL, ENDISWAL, and BURNDAYRAZ glyphs. IMAWAL will be essential, as you will need to have the highest level that you can manage to take on Sillyname. BURNDAYRAZ is only present in the level 9 trapped chest, so don't count on having it before the clean-up phase.

Sillyname isn't a very tough boss by himself, but is much more difficult when one considers how annoying his retainers are. It would take 4 level 10 fireballs to kill him, which would require being able to take 240 damage in return (note: he has Retailate: Fireball). By leveraging the fact that he doesn't have First Strike and you are guaranteed to have GETINDARE, combined with the Thief's ability with potions, it may be possible to kill Sillyname with relative ease. That would require, however, having retained all health and mana potions for the boss fight and having only a few stacks of Corrosion and Weakening on your character. Possible, but it's going to be a tight run.

(Note: Have not beaten yet. will flesh out more when done so.)

Sillyname can be killed relatively easily once one reaches 50+ attack and 100+ health, i.e. at roughly level 7. Use ENDISWAL to obtain enough physical resistance to survive one blow, attack him, heal up with potions, repeat, then deal the finishing third blow via GETINDARE.