Dragon Isles

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Monsters: Monster: Dragon Spawn Dragon Spawns, Monster: Druid Druids, Monster: Serpent Serpents, Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blobs, Monster: Zombie Zombies, Forest Trolls (Fast Regen, Cowardly, high health)

Boss: Firstborn (105 damage, 666 Health), Matron of Flame (75 damage, 954 health, Magical Attack, Retaliate: Fireball)

Special Rules

Defeating the Firstborn will unlock the path to the Lair.

The Lair is a narrow corridor that starts with two Dragon Guards (63 damage, 167 health, Magical Attack, Mana Burn, Curse Bearer, Physical Resist 50%) flanking a wall that vanishes if they're defeated, followed by four more enemies consisting of Dragon Guards and Dragon Elites (63 damage, 167 health, Poisonous, Curse Bearer, Magic Resist 50%) and finally the Matron of Flame.

The Matron drops Item: Dragon Shield Dragon Shield instead of a trophy, but The Firstborn drops a dragon scale as normal. Although the dragon scale is the only trophy in the dungeon, you may choose to sell it for 25g, but you can also leave with it and sell it to the taxidermist.


(todo: find out if any content from Annotated Playthrough Dragon Isles and Anyone Can Win Vicious Part 2: Dragon Isles is still useful)

After the interminable curse-corrosion-weaken trifectas of most Vicious dungeons, this is a fresh breath of air. Instead, the level is filled with most of the game's hardiest enemies and has relatively limited blackspace, which makes regen-fighting costly. Seek out high level Druids or Serpents for leveling up. The Firstborn is much stronger in this dungeon You do not want to rely on BURNDAYRAZ too much, because the Matron of Flame has high health and Retaliate: Fireball. PISORF can be used if you use it to push the last enemy in the gauntlet rather than kill it, but there are no walls in the final boss area.

The final gauntlet is the most notable part of the dungeon, featuring nasty enemies who inflict nasty debuffs. Anything that lets you bypass part of this gauntlet is a big advantage. The first two enemies can be skipped with a single use of a wall-breaking ability (either ENDISWAL or a transmutation scroll). You can then use WEYTWUT to leap over the other four enemies, though this cuts you off from all resources except the arena's blackspace. If you make it to level 10 and have WONAFYT, you can instead summon the Matron to you after destroying the wall or killing one guard. At the very least, PISORF or any other source of knockback will let you skip the last enemy in the gauntlet, and also use it as an anvil for hitting the boss into.


Assassin - Play competently enough to reach level 10 in the main dungeon (A Item: Balanced Dagger Balanced Dagger, the Goblin race or worship Dracul/Tikki Tooki may be useful); this will allow you to make short work of the Matron's escort and handle her as you would handle a slightly lighter-weight Super Meat Man.

Berserker - The berserker trivializes the first half of the dungeon with his magic resist. If you save enough popcorn, you can use that magic resist for the Matron as well.

Crusader - Resists such as the Dragon Shield's are nearly useless for other classes in the lair because of the curse bearers, but not for the Crusader! Keep some level 1 and 2 enemies alive to build momentum and truly show the dragons the meaning of pain.

Priest - If you already have the Item: Naga Cauldron Naga Cauldron from the Naga City, you can see just how much HP a Halfling Priest can accumulate. A Item: Trisword Trisword helps too. If possible, limit resource use with the Firstborn by using APHEELSIK.


Binlor Ironshield guarantees glyphs that let you skip three enemies from the final gauntlet. He also grants magic resistance, which is effective against both bosses (if you can get rid of your curse stacks for the Matron) and many of the regular enemies. There are no walls where you fight the Matron of Flame, but you can push her into the last Dragon Elite.

The Earthmother is likely to be a particularly poor choice for this level, since it is relatively easy to trap yourself with plants on any of the bridges. It can be done though.



Here be Dragons - Complete Dragon Isles with any 3 classes. Unlocks the playable Class: Half-Dragon Half-Dragon monster class.