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6 Mana Points  Missing info
  • Destroy a wall
  • Grants one layer of Trait: Stone skin Stone skin for the next attack (stackable)
Hotkey E

ENDISWAL is a glyph that can be used to destroy walls or statues. This makes it easer to explore the dungeon, since you can tunnel your way past most obstacles. For each destroyed wall, the player gets a layer of stoneskin, granting 20% physical resistance; note however, that resistances cap at 65%, making any number of layers above 4 meaningless. Once the player gets hit, stoneskin is used, reducing incoming physical damage. This happens regardless of the actual damage the player gets; so even plants, who deal 0 damage, will discharge stoneskin.

Unlocking the glyph

ENDISWAL begins unlocked.

The ENDISWAL glyph can be purchased for 35 piety from God: Binlor Ironshield Binlor Ironshield as a boon.


ENDISWAL is best used between fights as a "pre-buff", so you can fully regenerate your mana after using it. If you still have a large amount of space to explore, this can make ENDISWAL a brutally powerful glyph. Instead of wasting mana as you explore, you can instead build up a layer of physical resistance. Because the protection only lasts for a single attack, "striker"-type attackers with high damage values benefit more; Rogues, Warlords, Berserkers, and Crusaders all gain enormously from this glyph. Characters with low damage won't benefit nearly as much, and characters with naturally high physical resistance will simply hit their resistance cap. As a result, "brawler"-type characters like the Monk or Paladin or dedicated casters such as the wizard have little use for the glyph and should convert it unless they need to break through walls to explore blocked areas.

The ENDISWAL glyph is the most reliable way to break through walls. This makes it invaluable on maze-like dungeons such as the Labyrinth or Rock Garden. It can also be used to access hidden subdungeons. For this reason, it's often worthwhile to hold off on converting it until you've at least done some preliminary exploration. Once you've completed exploration, the ENDISWAL glyph is considerably weaker. Unless you desperately need physical resistances for the boss, it's usually worth converting in the end-game.

The ENDISWAL glyph is naturally at its best for the worshippers of Binlor Ironshield, awarding them 5 piety every time it is used. For characters who repeatedly charge up stoneskin between battles, piety will be a non-issue and you can either gain the benefit of Binlor's boons or else convert to another religion to spend that piety. Similarly, this glyph gives you a practical way to expend mana when not fighting, allowing you to maximize piety gain with Mystera Annur.

Monsters that have a magical attack are unaffected by stoneskin, and will still strike at full force. Their attacks will also remove any stoneskin you have, so it won't stay for the next battle. This can make it very difficult for characters relying on ENDISWAL to tackle these monsters.