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Elf.png Elf

70 points = +1 Max Mana

Suggested Classes Fighter, Wizard, Warlord, Assassin
Lives in Hippie Haven
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The Elf race is one of the most versatile, able to repeatedly use expensive glyphs in elaborate combos, or just cast repeatable combat glyphs for quick "burst damage". By leveraging other bonuses, elves are unmatched spellcasters and are easily the best race for damage-spiking strategies.

The biggest problem elves will have is filling their large mana pool. Because they do not gain any bonus to mana regeneration, it takes them significantly longer to fully regain all their mana and elves are weaklings if their mana is low and they're out of room to explore. However, any effect that causes you to regain a percentage or all of your mana (mana potions, schadenfreude potions, a level-up, or an appropriate boon) will disproportionately benefit the elf, and can allow them to sustain a prolonged damage bust.


Elves benefit enormously from the Schadenfreude Potion. This item causes you to regenerate an amount of mana equal to the amount of damage you sustain when you are attacked. High level monsters usually deal more than 50 damage, so the only limit is how high your max mana is. By preparing a Schadenfreude potion and buying one in the dungeon, an Elf essentially gains two full restores on his mana pool. This grants an elf an absolutely enormous amount of spellcasting power.

When playing as a combat-oriented character class, elves will suffer due to their low damage output. If playing as a class such as the Class: Paladin Paladin or Class: Warlord Warlord, Elves should try to find something that improves their damage output to compensate and keep up with what a Race: Human Human or Race: Orc Orc can do.

Elves make very strong Fighter, Warlords, Assassins, and Wizards.

Warlord The elf can easily push his max mana up to 20, allowing the Warlord to use CYDSTEPP twice. With a little effort, an elf can reach 25 mana, which allows him to regenerate 10 MP every time he drinks a potion. The convenient thresholds greatly increase the efficiency of the Warlord class. By combining schadenfreude potions, mid-battle level-ups, and other benefits, it's entirely possible to get upwards of 15 death protections in a single battle. Only bosses with the mana burn property or incredible amounts of endurance even stand a chance against a fully-equipped elf Warlord, and weaker monsters are easy prey to the Elf Warlord's damage burst.

The weakness of an Elf Warlord is that his damage output will be much lower than you'd normally want from a physical-damage specialist. Finding some way to increase his damage output is paramount to success. While Elf Warlords are less efficient than their Orc/Human counterparts, they make up for it with the added flexibility of being able to fireball targets.

Fighter/Assassin The massive mana pool the elf brings to the table means you gain an enormous amount of extra spellcasting power every time you level-up. Using the SWIFT HANDS feature of the Assassin or the fast XP-gain of the fighter, you can obtain many level-ups throughout a boss battle to fully restore your mana and keep spellcasting.

Wizard Combining a spell cost discount with a large mana pool means maximum spell power. If you were looking for a license to go nuts with spellcasting, Elf Wizard is it.

Other Classes The Elf is one of the more unique races in that he's not very dependent upon class features. Simply using the BURNDAYRAZ glyph and leveraging an expanded mana pool is an approach that works well for any class except the Class: Berserker Berserker, and enables the Elf to play entirely contrary to a class's normal strengths and weaknesses. This makes the elf particularly effective for specific quests, such as the Complicated Task 6, which require you to play as a specific class while not using its primary class features.


Elves work very well with God: Mystera Annur Mystera Annur, whose boons allow the Elf to match the Gnome in mana spike. When worshipping her, even an Class: Berserker Elf Berserker can effectively play as a spellcaster. That said, Elves are versatile enough to work well with any deity, given the right class and strategy; for example, and Class: Warlord Elf Warlord or Class: Paladin Elf Paladin can also work well with Taurog.