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Tier 1 Class
Human Fighter Large.png
Class traits
Monsters of an equal or lower level always have their location revealed
Fighters earn 1 extra experience on any monster kill (Permanent Trait: Learning Learning), 10% less exp required to level
Dungeon runs start with 1 level of standard Trait: Death Protection Death Protection on the character
Suggested Races
Class: Fighter Elf Fighter, Class: Fighter Goblin Fighter
Class Challenges
No challenges
Level 1 Guild

Fighters are heroes who go about hitting evil things for a living. They're generally good at surviving long enough to brag about it afterwards.

Strategic Overview

At first glance, the Fighter appears underwhelming. He has no in-built boosts to his stats, no special abilities to leverage, and starts with no extra glyphs or items. A closer look, coupled with an understanding of some of the game's basics, reveals a different story. While the Fighter indeed doesn't have anything flashy going for him, he does have one of the best support abilities in the game - Veteran. Increasing XP gain while decreasing your XP requirements to level lets the fighter gain levels very quickly, gives him more opportunities to gain levels, and allows him a great degree of control over when he decides to level up. The immediate benefits of this are obvious - leveling quickly allows the player to conserve blackspace - but the real power of the ability is in the full heal that comes with a level-up. This all comes together to make the Fighter one of the best users of the level-up cannon method of defeating high-level monsters, and generally allows him to start fighting the level's boss much earlier than most characters.

Because Fighters can level up so quickly, they should prioritize building up a large pool of health and/or mana to get more mileage out of the full health and mana restore that comes with a level-up. Generally, they are best suited to a spellcasting approach, using their level-ups to fuel a lengthy fireball chain, but they make passable melee fighters as well. Because they lack any real class features besides Veteran, though, they simply don't have the resources to play a hybrid style - pick one of the two approaches and stick with it.



Humans are the best race for melee damage at high levels, and Fighters excel at reaching those high levels very quickly. As such, the Class: Fighter Human Fighter should be played as a melee damage dealer, focusing on boosting his health pool and resists as much as possible. Don't convert glyphs early, as Fighters need every advantage they can get while levelling up, and the Human's conversion bonus doesn't become incredibly relevant until levels 5-6.

Additionally, the high damage that Human brings to the table increases the amount of popcorn available on the map, which hopefully translates into an extra level over most other Fighters.


The Class: Fighter Dwarf Fighter wants damage very, very badly. His Dwarven health allows him to get in an incredible amount of hits once the conversion bonus starts to take effect, but getting there can be very difficult. Good glyph use is key, and converting is almost never correct until the later levels.

Alternatively, finding an early Glyph: BLUDTUPOWA BLUDTUPOWA incentivizes building full caster, allowing the player to funnel all of their resources into fireballs. Be very conservative with blackspace when employing this approach.


The Fighter's frequent level-ups come together beautifully with the Elf's increased mana pool, making the Class: Fighter Elf Fighter one of the best fireball spikers in the game. With the right setup, it becomes feasible to start challenging the boss as early as level four.


The Class: Fighter Halfling Fighter is best served using his potions to extend his health spike, drinking them once he runs out of level-ups. Building health is obviously very good here.


The Class: Fighter Gnome Fighter can save all his potions until after he has exhausted all his level-ups, similar to the Halfling, but he is also well-served using them strategically to score very high-level kills.


The Orc brings much-needed damage to the Fighter at a very early level, allowing the Class: Fighter Orc Fighter a much easier leveling phase than most Fighters. This race/class is particularly synergistic with Glyph: PISORF PISORF, as Orc boosts the glyph's damage while Fighter allows for easier refills. This allows for a potent hybrid build.


While the Class: Fighter Goblin Fighter lacks the mana of the Elf, it makes up for it with even more frequent level-ups. With Glyph: WONAFYT WONAFYT and Glyph: BLUDTUPOWA BLUDTUPOWA, the goblin fighter can practically ignore the map past the early levels, and focus solely on dumping every resource on the map into killing the boss.

Noteworthy Interactions

The Item: Balanced Dagger Balanced Dagger is a very good early find, as the Fighter can see the locations of all monsters of the same level or lower. This approach reduces the amount of popcorn on the map, but allows for extreme blackspace conservation.

God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki is an incredible choice for worship. The fighter will be able to rack up a ton of piety, as he will reach a high level quickly and leave a bunch of popcorn untouched. The massive piety gain allows him to invest heavily into into Reflexes and Tikki's Edge, which combine to massively increase the fighter's already formidable level-up spiking potential. God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian also works well: the Fighter's XP bonuses synergise very well with the Humility boon, and the Fighter also has enough spare XP to make liberal use of Absolution.