Frozen Troll

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Frozen Troll
Frozen Troll Large.png
Frozen Troll Monster Icon.png
Attack.png 65%
Health.png 100%
Dungeon Specific

Frozen Troll is one kind of trolls, only found in Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp, Dungeon: Namtar's Lair Namtar's Lair, and some class challenges. Instead Trait: fast regen fast regen, it has 50% of both resistances. As a result, it is identical to Monster: Meat Man Meat Man in terms of damage and health; but it heals twice as fast, so regen-fighting it is very hard. Additionally, Trait: magic resist magic resist 50% makes Glyph: APHEELSIK APHEELSIK less efficient. Combined with the dungeon's high difficulty modifier, standard characters will not be able to kill higher level frozen trolls when in Namtar's Lair.

Though the monster is very hard to fight, if you have Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS, or knockback plus God boon: Stone Form Stone Form it is possible to erode its resists and finally beat him. Because frozen trolls appear in Namtar's Lair and God: Binlor Ironshield Binlor Ironshield is a perfect god to worship in the dungeon, it is an effective way to kill this monster. There are plenty of walls to make a knockback chain. Moreover, Binlor gives Trait: Magic resist Magic resist which makes the fight even easier.