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5 Mana Points  heals 4 x level health
  • Restore 4 × character level HP to the caster.
  • Remove Trait: Poisoned Poisoned from the caster.
Hotkey H

Unlocking the glyph

HALPMEH is unlocked together with the Paladin.


The healing glyph is a powerful tool for any melee specialist character, allowing them to funnel their mana to bolster their health. It also cures poison, rendering monsters like the Monster: Serpent Serpent impotent. Similar to the Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ glyph, HALPMEH increases in potency based on your character level. The amount of healing provided is not related to your maximum HP, so dwarves have no particular advantage with this glyph. The HALPMEH glyph works best for characters with high attack damage and resistances. Because resistances will lower incoming damage, you need less mana to cure it with HALPMEH, and the higher your attack damage the more you gain by doing this.

It's worth noting that God: Dracul Dracul, the god of death, hates this glyph and will deduct 5 piety every time you use it. This is unfortunate since he otherwise works very well with it. It's entirely possible to worship Dracul and then convert out to use this glyph, but otherwise only the Class: Paladin Paladin can effectively make use of this combo.


  • In the endgame, HALPMEH usually loses to BURNDAYRAZ in terms of damage, unless the player has acquired resistances or the boss deals very low damage compared to the hero.
  • The Sorcerer's Essence Transit ability applies to HALPMEH as it would with any other glyph, so it effectively heals an extra 10 health per cast. This can make the Sorcerer into a surprisingly strong brawler in the early game.