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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Level

Every denizen of your current dungeon has a level, including the player and dungeon monsters, has a level represented by the small number in its lower-right corner. A units level is a rough indication of its strength relative to the player and other monsters. Levels range from 1 through to 10, with strength increasing roughly linearly up to 9. Level 10 enemies are bosses.

Player Levels

The player starts at level 1, with a base HP of 10, and base Damage of 5. With each level earned, you gain 5 base Damage and 10 base HP. Buffs, Gods, and Items — as well as your class — augment your growth.

A special note about Stat Boosters — the little Health, Mana, and Damage tiles you'll find careless scattered about the wilderness. Boosters permanently improve your stats, and continue to be recalculated as you level (except for Mana Booster, as you do not gain MP naturally). You can see this in the UI for Damage: hover over the Damage stat and a tooltip will list your base Damage and a bonus percent. Damage Boosters add to that bonus (+10%); each level you gain adds to your base. Some basic math (applying buffs last) gets your current Damage stat. HP works the same way, but unfortunately a breakdown is not provided in the UI. You'll just have to trust the magic machine's math. Again, the important take-away is that there is usually no benefit to holding off on collecting Boosters, unlike with Glyphs and Items (which take up space) or God perks (which usually depend on your current state).

Enemy levels

The base stats for enemies as they level up are as follows:

  • Base health is (n + 3)² - 10 where n is the monster's level.
  • Base attack is n + (5 × n / 2) where n is the monster's level.
Level Base Attack Base Health
1 3 6
2 7 15
3 12 26
4 18 39
5 25 54
6 33 71
7 42 90
8 52 111
9 63 134

Different enemies will have different percentages of these base stats. Bosses have entirely different stat ratios to their lower level counterparts. Enemies in a easy dungeon will have 90% stats, enemies in a medium dungeon will have their normal percentages, enemies in hard dungeons have 120% of their stats, and enemies in vicious dungeons have 133% (one third higher than normal) of their stats.

Gaining Levels and Bonus Experience

The player character has the ability to increase his level by gaining experience. Experience is gained by defeating monsters. Unless modified by class, race, deity or item bonuses, experience is gained as follows:

  • Experience equal to the defeated monster's level
  • Bonus experience for monsters of a higher level to the player, calculated as:
n × (n - 1) + 2 where n is the difference between the player's level and the monster's level.
Difference between levels Bonus experience
0 0
1 2
2 4
3 8
4 14
5 22
6 32
7 44
8 58
9 74

Required experience per level

Basically, without any bonuses, it takes 5 same level monsters to level-up (if you are at level 4, you would need to kill five level 4 monsters to level-up).

To reach level Experience required Total required Xp without bonuses Required Bonus XP
1 0 0 0 0
2 5 5 10 0
3 10 15 20 0
4 15 30 32 0
5 20 50 48 2
6 25 75 68 7
7 30 105 86 19
8 35 140 107 33
9 40 180 131 49
10 45 225 149 76

"XP without bonuses" gives the amount of XP you would gain from killing only monster of the same level as you, without any XP bonuses. It shows that without bonus and only same level monsters, you would not be able to reach a level higher than 4. Also without any bonuses, a character could not get higher than level 8.

Although you cannot level up past level 10, you will still continue to accrue experience points and will gain a full heal and mana restore at regular intervals. These post-level 10 "milestones" are rare and usually involve the player using some special effect (such as the goblin racial bonus or Tikki Tooki's boons) to accrue unusually high amounts of experience.