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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Paladin
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Human Paladin Large.png
Class traits
Starts the dungeon session with the HALPMEH glyph
Cannot switch religions, god boons cost 20% less and gods will not punish for piety dropping to 0
Physical resistance starts at +25%
Suggested Races
Any Race
Class Challenges
No challenges
Level 1 Guild
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Class Features

  • HOLY HANDS: Starts the dungeon session with the HALPMEH glyph
  • HOLY WORK: Cannot switch religions, god boons cost 20% less and gods will not punish for piety dropping to 0
  • HOLY SHIELD: Physical resistance starts at +25%


The Paladin's Holy Work is one of the more double-edged class features in the game, and the inability to convert makes using many otherwise powerful deities quite difficult. However, since he is immune to punishment he will never actually suffer as a result of his religion choice. For most deities it's a trade-off that will take some skill to manage. The Paladin is a defensively-minded melee brawler, and should look for a deity to support this playstyle.

Tikki Tooki and the Glowing Guardian are two of the most powerful deities for the Paladin. Both of them offer immensely powerful boons for low-level characters, but are very difficult to maintain piety with until you're a high-level character. Because the Paladin need not fear punishment, once he has his boons of choice he can completely ignore the complaints of these deities. Dracul also works well for the Paladin, though he will not offer quite the same level of power. Jehora Jeheyu is also a fine deity choice, but Holy Work offers little benefit. Jehora never actually deducts piety, and Holy Work does not protect you from his random fits of "boredom", so all you receive is the boon cost discount. However, Jehora remains arguably the strongest deity choice for a "lifer" who never wants to convert, so he still works well for a Paladin. Mystera is moderately useful, but a consolation prize at best for the Paladin.

Taurog, Earthmother, and Binlor are poor choices for the Paladin. They work best when given the option to convert between religions, and are not well suited to the Paladin's particular brand of monotheism. The Pactmaker still functions for the Paladin, and this is the only case where the Paladin can benefit from multiple deities in the same dungeon run, but he receives no discount on the cost of Pacts.

The paladin is best played as a defensive-oriented brawler. Because of his reliance on HALPMEH, he benefits enormously from the Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb to grant him immunity to mana burn. Balancing bonuses to his resistances, max health, max mana, and damage is key to playing the Paladin effectively. Non-human Paladins will likely need the HP->Attack booster swap to help increase their attack damage. The Dragon Shield is the best preparation for the paladin, boosting his resistances substantially.