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Attack.png 100%
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The snake is a poisonous monster, and is one of the more common foes in the world of Desktop Dungeons. Aside from its poisonous bite, the snake is otherwise a mediocre monster with no special properties. Anyone who focuses on spellcasting to bring them down or who has the Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH glyph to cure poison will find snakes to be an easy form of XP. If you do not have a method to cure poison, you should fight and slay snakes just before leveling up, or else try to kill them without suffering attacks. Having to use a healing potion just to cure poison is a waste of a potion in most cases and you should avoid having to do so if at all possible.

Clearing Afflictions

How to remove poison:


Boss: Jörmungandr
Normal Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 318 636
105% Dungeon: Havendale Bridge
Attack 81 Health Points 924
110% Dungeon: Doubledoom
Attack 81 Health Points 924
120% Dungeon:Ick Swamp Dungeon: The Slime Pit Dungeon: Halls of Steel Dungeon: Naga City
Attack 90 Health Points 380
130% Dungeon: The Labyrinth Dungeon: Shifting Passages
Attack 81 Health Points 924
140% Dungeon: Grimm's Grotto Dungeon: Dragon Isles
Attack 81 Health Points 924

The Monster: Serpent Serpent boss, Jörmungandr, is literally just an oversized snake. He has no additional special abilities other than improved attack damage and health that all bosses receive. Furthermore, Trait: Poisonous Poisonous is often inconsequential to have on a boss, since you will often be out of blackspace. Furthermore, you would be allocating additional resources (like Item: Health Potion Health Potion) to kill the boss anyway. This makes him one of the easiest bosses in the game.