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Tier 2 Class
Human Sorcerer Large.png
Class traits
Every mana point spent regenerates 2 health
+5 starting mana
Deal one magic damage (per character level) whenever an opponent hits you
Suggested Races
Class: Sorcerer Human Sorcerer,Class: Sorcerer Elf Sorcerer,Class: Sorcerer Gnome Sorcerer
Class Challenges
No challenges
Level 2 Mage Tower

Class Features

  • ESSENCE TRANSIT: Every mana point spent regenerates 2 health
  • ARCANE KNOWLEDGE: +5 starting mana
  • MANA SHIELD: Deal one magic damage (per character level) whenever an opponent hits you


Sorcerers are easily the most powerful class as a low-level character. Their essence transit special ability allows them to heal enormous amounts of hit points every time they cast a spell. In fact, a Sorcerer has enough mana to fully heal himself three times over as a 1st level character, in addition to whatever benefits are afforded by the specific spell he's casting.

This incredible power quickly fades away, however, because essence transit does not improve as you gain levels and still heals the same number of hit points. What begins as a massive advantage becomes almost inconsequential as the Sorcerer matures, and his entire game plan will change accordingly, usually focusing more heavily on his enlarged mana pool. Sorcerers should seek out ways to refill their mana pool in the late game.

To succeed, a Sorcerer needs to leverage his strong early-game to put himself in a stronger position. He's relatively weakest at higher levels, so you'll need every advantage you can muster to overcome the boss. Sorcerers naturally lend themselves to hybrid fighter/caster approaches, but are versatile enough to be played as defensive brawler-type characters or as pure casters.


Gnomes get plenty of extra mana potions, which refill more due to the Sorcerer's high mana.

Humans are suitable for a more melee-oriented Sorcerer, as their attack bonus starts getting powerful in the late game when Mana Shield and Essence Transit fall off.

Goblins' ability to convert for extra XP gives the Sorcerer more opportunities to level up and get those 20+ mana refills.


Mystera gives both more efficient fireballing via Mystic Balance, and a lot of mana in the endgame with Refreshment. An obvious and strong choice.

Jehora Jeheyu's health bonus can be quite useful to a Sorcerer and enable him to fight higher level enemies that would otherwise be impossible due to being one-shot killers before the Sorcerer's healing can kick in. Chaos Avatar, typically used as an extra level-up during the boss fight with associated mana refill, also synergizes well with the sorcerer's large mana pool.

The Earthmother is always a strong option for casters, even if her mana-restoring Clearance doesn't care about the size of the Sorcerer's mana pool.