Thief Den

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The Thief den is the class building where you get the thief, rouge, and Assasin classes. you can also get various power-ups for dungeon runs at higher levels.

Level 1

[Thief Class] This class is a fairly good class for magic and melee fighting as it's potions heal both.

Level 2

Rogue Class a really deadly class with first strike and dodge but has low health Smuggler's den this kingdom prep allows you to start with a ladder to a small room right next to the exit with two level one monsters and one each of health, mana, and attack boosters. the area is a 3X3 square with an extra 3 on each side(or a 5X5 with the corners off) Bounty this kingdom prep adds 25% to the sale price of a boss trophy.

Level 3

Assassin Class starts with the poison glyph and the abilty to instakill lower level enemies. also gets first strike against enemies with all the squares around them explored. this also allows you to get the poison glyph in all dungeons. Ptaches the Teddy Adds random buffs and debuffs on level up. Gold bonus Every pile of gold in the dungeon is worth +1 gold