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Magic resist.png Magic resist

All attacks of magical nature (this also includes Glyph: APHEELSIK APHEELSIK) toward the target are reduced by the stated amount (rounded down).

Non-damaging spells (Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL,Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT,Glyph: WONAFYT WONAFYT) have a percentage chance to fail equal to the target's magic resistance. Glyph: PISORF PISORF will always work unless they have 100% magic resistance.

Physical resist.png Physical resist

All attacks of physical nature toward the target are reduced by the stated amount (rounded down).


Death Protection.png Death Protection

Next time you would die, you will instead survive with 1hp left, the next hit prediction box will state "Barely Alive" instead of "Death" when Death Protection is about to be consumed. If the hit will kill the monster it will predict "Barely Win" instead of "Barely Alive"

Dodge.png Dodge

When you take damage, there is a chance equal to your Dodge % that the next damage you take can be dodged, preventing you from taking damage.

All temporary sources of Dodge provide Dodge prediction, where the next hit prediction box will state "Dodge!" when the next attack received will be dodged.

Burning Strike.png Burning Strike

Attacks add one level of Trait: Burning Burning to the target.

Experience Boost.png Experience Boost

Your next monster kill will grant 50% more XP, rounded down. This is consumed even by killing a Trait: No Experience No Experience enemy, granting 0 bonus XP. Any bonus experience earned from killing higher-level monsters is also multiplied.

First Strike.png First strike

Unless the opponents has First strike as well, the usual rules for strike order are ignored, and the entity who has First strike hits first.

Knockback.png Knockback

Attacks by a knockback entity will cause the target to be knocked back the opposite direction, and will cause specific effects based on the tile behind it:

  • A wall: the wall is destroyed, the target takes its place, and its dealt Knockback% of your base damage as physical damage.
  • A monster: both entities are dealt Knockback% of your base damage as physical damage.
  • Empty: the target is moved to the empty tile
  • Indestructible tile or map edge: no effect

Learning.png Learning

Grants 1 extra XP upon killing an enemy, doesn't work on Trait: No Experience No Experience enemies, not to be confused with Trait: Experience Boost Experience Boost. Can be stacked.

Life steal.png Life steal

Attacking a monster heals you equal to (Life steal x your level). Attacking a lower level monster heals double the amount. The health gained from Life Steal can heal you beyond your maximum HP.

Might.png Might

Temporarily boosts your next physical attack by 30% and reduces Trait: Physical resist Physical resist and Trait: Magic resist Magic resist of the enemy by 3%.

Poisonous.png Poisonous

Applies the Trait: Poisoned Poisoned debuff on the target.

Sanguine.png Sanguine

Can drink a blood pool to heal a percentage of your max health equal to the percentage of Sanguine.

Stone skin.png Stone skin

Temporary Trait: Physical resist Physical resist. Grants 20% Trait: Physical resist Physical resist per charge. Removed when taking damage from a monster (including Magical attacks).

Physical resist from Trait: Stone skin Stone skin still abides by maximum resistance, so you cannot raise physical resistance above the maximum.


Poisoned.png Poisoned

The poisoned target (monster/player) does not regenerate HP from player exploration.

Removal: Leveling up, drinking a Item: Health Potion Health Potion or Item: Fortitude Tonic Fortitude Tonic, God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian's Cleansing, casting Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH, or equipping the Item: Viper Ward Viper Ward.

Poison on monsters expires after the specified amount of tiles have been revealed.

Mana burned.png Mana Burn

When mana burned, you do not regenerate mana from exploration and your mana is immediately set to 0.

Removal: Leveling up, drinking a Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion or Item: Burn Salve Burn Salve, God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian's Cleansing, or equipping the Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb.

Note: some effects, such as the Glyph: BLUDTUPOWA BLUDTUPOWA glyph, can still restore your mana while mana-burned. These will not cure the affliction, however.

Cursed.png Cursed

While cursed, all sources of damage reduction and resistances you have are nullified.

Removal: Killing a non-Cursed monster (1 stack), God: The Earthmother The Earthmother's Greenblood (1 stack), God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian's Enlightenment (all stacks)

Corrosion.png Corrosion

Corroded targets take extra damage equal to the number of Corrosion stacks when damaged.

Removal: Item: Burn Salve Burn Salve (all stacks), God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian's Cleansing (1 stack), God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu's Chaos Avatar (all stacks)

Weakened.png Weakened

Your base damage is reduced by an amount equal to the number of stacks of Weakened.

Removal: Item: Fortitude Tonic Fortitude Tonic (all stacks), God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian's Cleansing (1 stack), God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu's Chaos Avatar (all stacks)

Burning.png Burning

One stack of Burning is applied to a monster when the attack source has the Trait: Burning Burning trait. (BURNDAYRAZ or attack w/ Whurrgarbl). Only one enemy can be Burning at any given time.

Attacking another monster or applying an attack to the Burned monster from a non-Burning attack removes the trait, dealing Magical damage equal to the number of Burning stacks on expiration; hitting a monster with this trait using an attack which inflicts Burning will deal bonus damage equal to the number of pre-existing Burning stacks on it, then the new stacks are applied.

Maximum charges of Burning equal x2 of your current level.

When exploring tiles, a monster with this trait will regenerate HP as though it were 1 level lower than it actually is, regardless of how many stacks it has.

Slowed.png Slowed

The target has a slow attack speed, meaning that it will usually attack last in combat. Being Slowed also disables the following monster traits: Trait: Blinks Blinks, Trait: Cowardly Cowardly, Trait: First strike First strike, Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball. Killing a Slowed monster grants a bonus of 1 XP. If a monster has been Slowed, the effect will usually wear off as soon as the monster takes damage (including from Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ or Glyph: PISORF PISORF).

Monster traits

Berserks.png Berserks

When monster's health is below the Berserk %, its attacks deal 50% more damage.

Blinks.png Blinks

When attacked, the monster will teleport to a random location on the map.

More precisely : if a blinking enemy is next to the player when a round of damage is finished being taken, it'll blink. Also, note that a slowed monster will not blink.

For example :

  • Hitting or casting a fire ball to a blinking monster will make it blink.
  • Hitting or casting a fire ball to a SLOWED blinking monster will NOT make it blink.
  • Pisorfing a blinking monster into another monster will make it blink.
  • Pisorfing a blinking monster into a wall or empty air, will NOT make it blink.
  • Pisorfing a monster into a blinking monster will NOT make it blink.

Bloodless.png Bloodless

This monster does not leave behind a blood pool after being slain, and does not allow life steal.

Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball

When this monster is attacked with a Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ he will attack the caster. This retaliation deals half normal damage. Slowed monsters lose the ability to retaliate for one attack. Fireball always strikes first, and you will not suffer retaliation if you successfully kill the monster with the spell.

Cowardly.png Cowardly

When attacked, the monster will flee the opposite direction of you if possible.

To determine whether a monster will flee or not, it will use the same rule as blinking.

Cursed.png Curse Bearer

Every time you kill or take damage from a Curse Bearer monster, you will gain a stack of Cursed.

Corrosive.png Corrosive

The monster's attack applies a stack of Corrosion. When killed, it leaves a pool of acid which applies Corrosion when stepped on instead of a blood pool.

Death Protection.png Death Protection

If a monster with Death Protection were to die, the next hit reduces it to 1 HP and a stack of Death Protection removed.

Death-gaze.png Death-gaze

Death-gaze is always accompanied by a percent value, if you get hit by a monster who has death gaze while your life is below the stated percent, you'll die by being turned to stone, the Next Hit prediction box will state "Petrified" when this is going to occur.

Fast regen.png Fast regen

The monster regenerates health twice as fast. Trait: Poisoned Poisoned is depleted twice as quickly.

Knockback.png Knockback

When attacked, you are knocked back to the opposite direction of the monster. If you collide to a wall or monster, you will take additional damage equal to the Knockback %. Knockback damage cannot kill you.

Life steal.png Life steal

If you reveal a monster from exploration, your Hitpoints will be reduced to (100% - the Life steal percentage) and the monster will heal (beyond its max HP) the amount of damage it did.

Magical attack.png Magical attack

The attacks of the monster are considered Magical in nature, instead of Physical.

Mana burn.png Mana Burn

The monster's attack applies Mana Burn.

No Experience.png No Experience

Killing the monster yields No Experience.

Poisonous.png Poisonous

The monster's attack applies the Trait: Poisoned Poisoned debuff.

Revives.png Revives

Upon death the monster is replaced with a fully healthy monster. It is usually of a different type and is 1 level lower than the original or the second monster has Trait: No Experience No Experience.

Spawns.png Spawns

When attacked and not killed, the monster spawns a creature at the nearest empty tile. The spawned creature is particular to the monster, but it always the same level and grants Trait: No Experience No Experience

Spawn Plants.png Spawn Plants

When attacked and not killed, the monster spawns the specified amount of plants.

Undead.png Undead

Undead monsters are immune to Trait: Poisonous Poisonous attacks and untargetable by Glyph: APHEELSIK APHEELSIK, and are susceptible to some Undead-specific effects.

Weakening blow.png Weakening blow

The monster's attack applies a stack of Weakening.

Magic Immune.png Magic Immune

The monster is immune to magic.

Physical Immune.png Physical Immune

The monster is immune to physical damage.

Wicked Sick.png Wicked Sick

The monster got leveled up by playing the guitar.

Zotted.png Zotted

The monster has its max hp halved by using the Orb of Zot.