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Tier 1 Class
Human Wizard Large.png
Class traits
Can see locations of all glyphs from level start
Skills cost -1 mana, glyphs donate 10 points to other conversions
Starts with Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ, all glyphs are small items
Suggested Races
Class: Wizard Elf Wizard, Class: Wizard Gnome Wizard, Class: Wizard Orc Wizard
Class Challenges
No challenges
Level 1 Mage Tower


The Wizard is the first class unlocked at the Mage Tower and a very flexible and potent spellcaster. The most obvious strength of the Wizard is the discount on casting costs, which is very noticeable with repeatable combat spells such as BURNDAYRAZ, APHEELSIK, PISORF, and BYSSEPS. A wizard can cast two fireballs out of the gate with no preparations, and quickly gains access to stronger combinations.

Wizards are able to find all the glyphs quickly, have the unique ability to hold all of them at the same time, and can accumulate significant conversion bonuses without the need to convert many glyphs. More than any other class, a Wizard is likely to have the right glyph as a tool to deal with specific situations or enemies.

Wizards usually want to start by making a beeline to all the glyphs before converting anything. Once all the glyphs are collected, they can buy cheap items from dungeon shops if nothing better is available, and convert them for bonuses. Holding 6 glyphs, each item converted will also collect 60 CP from the glyphs without destroying them.


Earthmother is a powerful deity for wizards, as her Greenblood bonus damage can be taken multiple times and is inflicted with every cast of BURNDAYRAZ or PISORF, and her repeatable Clearance boon gives a wizard exactly two fireballs every time. Holding on to IMAWAL until the late game to grab lots of bonus experience, together with utility spells to get around plants that spawn in bad locations without having to kill them, is also easy for Wizards to do.

Mystera may seem to be an obvious choice as the goddess of magic, although Mystic Balance is usually harmful to a Wizard who already has discounted spell costs. Still, she offers a couple of mana points for very little cost, and is generous with her piety. If no better deity is available in the endgame, Wizards can recover a significant amount of mana by converting their stored glyphs with Refreshment, and her Weakness boon can help with resists.

Although Binlor doesn't synergize that well with a dedicated fireball caster as his boons lean towards melee combat, he makes a good choice for Orcs, being the only deity to guarantee two spells including the mighty PISORF. His knockback boon also goes well with Orcs' enhanced based damage. His Stone Heart power is also one of the most efficient ways to wear down enemy resistances if there are enough walls on the level.

The wizard is flexible enough that most deities can be made to work well, with the notable exception of Taurog.


Orc wizards ({{OrWi}}, Class: Wizard Orc Wizard) are one of the most versatile characters in the game, as they can easily stack up physical base damage while keeping hold most of their glyphs. As PISORF works off base damage, and the wizard gets a 25% discount on its cost, an Orc Wizard can make this spell a very powerful weapon. The Orc also gets a lot of use out of physical combat glyphs such as BYSSEPS, GETINDARE and CYDSTEPP.

Elf wizards ({{ElWi}}, Class: Wizard Elf Wizard) are strong because more mana = more fireballs = good. The Wizard's Magic Affinity allows to exploit Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ without requiring Mystera's Mystic Balance, and you can easily cast 4 or even 5 fireballs at once with an elf wizard.

Gnome wizards ({{GnWi}}, Class: Wizard Gnome Wizard) are strong because mana is an important resource to wizards, so obviously more mana potions can mean a lot for the wizard, especially against bosses.


Elven Boots are available early on in the game and make an excellent prep item, allowing the Wizard to get to a 3-fireball mana pool easily. Especially if Extra Mana is also chosen. The Crystal Ball charges very quickly in the hands of a Wizard, especially combined with a deity that can help regenerate mana. Dragon Soul gives a lot of free spells over the course of the game, and is recommended when taken with a deity that lets you convert early mana into piety.