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3 Mana Points  Missing info
  • Grants the caster Trait: First strike First strike for the next attack.
  • Grants 5% Trait: Dodge Dodge after every cast, resets to zero after a sucessfull dodge.
Hotkey G

GETINDARE is the first strike glyph. Upon cast, it grants the player the powerful Trait: First strike First strike ability for one attack, and 5% stacking dodge chance . It cannot be cast if it is currently active.

Unlocking the Glyph

GETINDARE starts unlocked.

GETINDARE is awarded to the player upon joining God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki. It is not awarded if the player converts to Tikki Tooli from another god.


GETINDARE is one of the most powerful glyphs for physical-oriented classes and quite easy to use.

GETINDARE works best with classes who rely on physical damage; first strike lets players attack first, so they can finish enemies without getting hit in retaliation, even if they have a higher level. This saves lots of resources as you essentially need one hit less to defeat a monster.

The dodge portion of the glyph, however, can be a bit tricky to use, since there is no way to predict when you will dodge unless you take a Quicksilver Potion. GETINDARE can be used to build up dodge chance by casting it over and over again as you explore, however the results are unpredictable and generally less efficient than casting most other glyphs for their long term effects.

One particular use is to keep casting GETINDARE as you mow down Popcorn: Dodge chance doesn't trigger if enemies never get to hit you. Building Dodge up to 25 or 30% might turn a 3-strike higher level enemy into a 2-strike one.

It can be also used during long, drawn-out fights, as you will dodge sooner or later, granting you a free hit. Due to its low mana cost it has good synergy with combat glyphs, like BURNDAYRAZ or PISSORF, or supportive glyphs like ENDISWALL. GETINDARE remains useful at almost every stage of a game due to its powerful combat effects and low mana cost.

Understanding Strike Order

Strike order is affected by monster level relative to the player as well as various status effects like slow and knockback. Monsters who are a higher or equal level are naturally higher in the strike order than the player, and will strike first. First strike allows the player to overturn this, meaning a player can make a killing blow without retaliation.

Strikes between player and monster :

  • Death gaze / Assassinate
  • First strike monster or Player
  • Higher or equal-level monster
  • Player
  • Lower level monster
  • Slowed monster or Player
  • Knockback damage / Sorcerer Reflect Damage

The slow status effect has a similar effect to first strike, however it works by placing the monster lower in the strike order than the player.

Slow and first strike cancel each other out: if a monster or the player has both status effects they will take their place in the strike order as if they had neither.

Only a few status effects have a higher strike order than First Strike: The Death Gaze ability of gorgons and the Assassins ability to instantly kill lower level monsters.


With the exception of the Rogue, GETINDARE is one of 3 things in the game that will grant you dodge. The other 2 are the Quicksilver Potion and the dodging boon from Tikki Tooki.