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Plants are a class of non-experience-bearing monster that litters certain levels like the Ick Swamp. Worshipping The Earthmother can lead to these being spawned.

Nearly all plants have 1 HP, 0 damage, Trait: First Strike First Strike, Trait: Bloodless Bloodless (doesn't leave a blood pool) and Trait: No Experience No Experience (for killing them). Basic plants can be removed without worry, but any effect that triggers on your next attack (such as the Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL or Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS glyph) will trigger. Other varieties of plant have certain effects that may be deleterious to your passage:

Name Notes
Plant Basic plant
Mysterious Murkshade Trait: Mana burn Mana burn, 100% magic resist
Poisonous Pod Trait: Poisonous Poisonous, 100% magic resist
Erosive Eelroot Trait: Curse Bearer Curse Bearer
Corrosive Creeper Trait: Corrosive Corrosive, leaves corrosive pool on death
Barbing Bush 999 Attack

Corrosive Creepers and Barbing Bushes are vulnerable to magical damage, but the former will leave a pool of acid behind. Both are also susceptible to Glyph: PISORF PISORF and Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT. Mysterious Murkshade and Poisonous Pods can both be killed just prior to leveling up, since their status effects are cleared away whenever you level up. It is possible to dodge a plant's effect, which means any character with a dodge chance can attack plants to gain piety with God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu or God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki.