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|Druid Stick
|Druid Stick
|Vampire Fang
|Vampire Fang

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The Taxidermist is a building where dungeon Trophies are sold in exchange for Gold. It is unlocked by completing the Taxidermy! question, which involves completing one of the starter dungeongs Thousand Cuts, Vince's Vault, or The BAAdlands.

The amount of gold given per Trophy varies and decreases on each subsequent collection (i.e. killing a dungeon boss). A quest (confirm which) will eventually double the rewards given by the Taxidermist.


Trophy Initial Value Boss Trophy Initial Value Boss
De-Animated Helm 150g Animated Armour Meatloaf 150g Super Meat Man
Bandit Scalp 150g Tomithy Longdall Nose Ring 150g
Changeling Essence 150g Naga Tail 150g Naga
Dragon Scale 150g Firstborn(??) Serpent Fang 150g Serpent
Druid Stick 150g Getanadafix Vampire Fang 150g Vampire
Goat Horn 150g Bleaty Warlock Beard 150g Aequitas
Goblin Bone 150g Lord Gobb Wraith Cowl 150g The Tormented One
Golem Rock 150g The Iron Man Zombie Brain 150g Frank
Gooey Mess 150g Goo Blob
Gorgon Head 150g Gorgon