Terror's End

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The Terror's End dungeon is the Class: Warlord Warlord gold challenge. The dungeon looks and feels a lot like the Rock Garden dungeon; the layout is very similar, and both dungeons have several bosses, as well as scripted monster spawn on level-up.


No preparations are allowed in this dungeon

Resources Available

The dungeon will always have the Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL and the normally fixed Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ glyphs, and has regular shops. It seems to be more likely to have the Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL and Glyph: WONAFYT WONAFYT glyphs, although these are not guaranteed. There are no subdungeons. There are two altars available for worship, selected randomly from: God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu, God: Dracul Dracul or God: The Earthmother The Earthmother.

Special Rules

There are several plants, each with swapped (purple-blue) color palettes: Monster: Mysterious Murkshade Mysterious Murkshade, Monster: Poisonous Pod Poisonous Pod and Monster: Corrosive Creeper Corrosive Creeper. All of them drop a Item: Goat Horn Goat Horn (+5% Damage, small item). You can expect to collect around 15 goat horns from the plants, possibly even more.

In addition, whenever you level up, two random walls will be replaced with one Monster: Revenant Revenant each (Level equal to your new level; Attak 999, Undead, Bloodless, First Strike, No Experience; 5 Health/level). The Revenants don't do much after that; they can be left alone without any predicament. They can be useful in one of two ways, you can either petrify them for bonus experience (and Piety if you are worshiping The Earthmother), or you may kill them to be able to pass through the wall.


Monster: Rock Troll Rock Troll: Knockback 50%, Cowardly, Fast Regeneration

Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blob: Physical Resistance 50%

Monster: Wraith Wraith: Undead, Bloodless, Magical Attack, Mana Burn, Physical Resistance 30%

Monster: Dragon Spawn Dragon Spawn: Magical Attack


There are four bosses in the dungeon. They do not drop any trophies, though they do leave blood pools normally (except for Tormented Bleat who is Bloodless).

Bleaty (goat icon): Attack 75, Health 397

Tower of Bleat (goo blob icon, with blue palette swap): Attack 75, Health 318, Physical Resistance 75%

Super Bleat Man (meatman icon, with blue palette swap)

Tormented Bleat (shade icon): Attack 75, Health 238, Physical Resistance 69%, Undead, Bloodless, Mana Burn, Magical Attack


The easiest way to win this dungeon is probably playing as a Race: Gnome Gnome, as additional Mana Potions can give you an edge and offer you the versatility needed to defeat all four bosses; or the Race: Elf Elf, whose Mana increase can be similarly useful. You can also experiment with other races, particularly Race: Orc Orc shows some merit. Depending on the race you play, you may want to re-shuffle your strategy a bit; this guide assumes you go with the Gnome.

A non-trivial part of the strategy depends on which altars you find in the dungeon. In a nutshell:

God: The Earthmother The Earthmother is already a decent deity choice for a Class: Warlord Warlord, even more so for this dungeon. It is recommended that you do a bit of gardening before starting to worship her (i.e. kill as many plants as you can for their Goat Horns, and to get them out of the way). Once you start worshiping her, you will need to find ways around the plants, that can block the passages otherwise. This means that you will lose out on a couple of Goat Horns, but that will be more than offset by her benefits. First of all, her free Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL allows you to petrify the Monster: Revenant Revenants, gaining Trait: Experience Boost Experience Boost and Piety. You should be able to reach 100 Piety this way without having to use God boon: Plantation Plantation. And even more importantly, you can repeatedly use God boon: Clearance Clearance to replenish your Mana. This nicely complements your Mana Potions to provide an exceptional Mana spike. You will most likely pick up her other boons as a means to get plants onto the ground, that can be converted into Mana via God boon: Clearance Clearance later on.

God: Dracul Dracul is not normally the first pick for a Warlord. He despises Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP use, and his boons are normally not so coveted by Warlords. So it is only recommended to worship Dracul if The Earthmother is not available. That said, if used properly, Dracul will not be much of a hindrance, and can actually double as a health- and Piety-farm. It is not recommended to Worship Dracul early, as you will need to rely on your Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP to go for higher-level kills. Rather, his presence will become important once you prepare for the boss fight.

God: Jehora Jeheyu Jehora Jeheyu is an excellent but high-risk deity for a Warlord. His health boosts allow you to survive attacks that would otherwise kill, while two mana boosts can take you very close to the 20 MP threshold, which is ideal for warlords. Finally, Chaos Avatar is one of the best boons in the game and especially so for this level. On the flipside he consumes your precious potions and his weakness and mana burn punishments can be devastating for a warlord. In addition, gaining enough piety requires you to begin worship very early. Conversion between Jehora and Dracul can be a very good move, each deity offering an excellent escape from the other once you've exhausted their useful boons.

To win this dungeon, you will want to conserve as much black space as possible before reaching L8. You are very likely to have IMAWAL and/or WEYTWUT, so use them to gain bonus experience. Use CYDSTEPP to effectively kill higher-level opponents to gain even more bonus experience. Early on, your best bet are the Rock Trolls and Dragon Spawn; as soon as you find BURNDAYRAZ, higher-level Wraith kills also become viable.

If you find The Earthmother, then you can start worshiping her early, especially if you already have Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL (as it can help you bypass blocked corridors). If you find Dracul and/or Jehora Jeheyu, ignore them for the time being, because they are more suited for late worship on this level.

Once you reach level 8 or so, you can start killing off the bosses. If you have The Earthmother, you should by now have 100 Piety and roughly 20 plants on the level. So you should be able to make quick work of the Tormented Bleat by fireballing him to death using up one or two God boon: Clearance Clearance. Next up should be the Tower of Bleat, following similar strategy: just keep fireballing, and use as many God boon: Clearance Clearance as needed. Once your plants are all gone, you can create new plants via her boons, for example God boon: Vine Form Vine Form, and re-use God boon: Clearance Clearance. Once your Piety is gone as well, use God boon: Plantation Plantation to replenish your plants and Piety; this should allow you about two more God boon: Clearance Clearances. Once you're done with the two Physical Resist bosses, you can tackle the others. Your God boon: Vine Form Vine Form (or God boon: Greenblood Greenblood, if that's your preference) should make fighting the Super Bleat Man significantly easier; you will most likely still need a bit of black space, though, to defeat him, as well as quaff all your Health Potions. Bleaty should be fairly straightforward, he is actually the only boss of the four who can be easily defeated using the standard Warlord CYDSTEPP-chain.

If you have Dracul and Jehora, though, you will have much less Mana available, and you will need to use a different tactic. Once you're level 8, locate the altar of Dracul and the Super Bleat Man. Start bashing the Super Bleat Man, and use up your Health Potions. Then worship Dracul (you should get an initial bonus thanks to all the monsters you've killed before). Get 2 levels of God boon: Blood Tithe Blood Tithe - this means that your 20 or so blood pools will be enough to replenish your Health twice over - which, combined with a bit of regen-fighting, should be enough to finish SBM. Next up should be Bleaty - use the same tactics on him, drinking any remaining blood pools. Don't overspend your Piety because you will want to keep 50 Piety to be able to convert out from Dracul. If you have 70+ Piety, you can also use God boon: Blood Swell Blood Swell once. After the blood pools are gone, switch over to worshiping Jehora. Convert your items (you will need all the Mana Potions you can get for the last bosses), also consider converting the Goat Horns just for the Piety bonus. Ideally, get to 80 Piety (and only desecrate Dracul's altar if absolutely needed). Get Chaos Avatar. This reduces the remaining bosses resistances and also refills your Health and Mana. After this, killing the Tormented Bleat via physical attacks should be possible, but most likely you will deal more damage with Fireballs when you get around to fighting the Tower of Bleat. When fighting the Tormented Bleat, be mindful of the Trait: Mana Burn Mana Burn, deplete your Mana before striking him.

If you did everything right, the last boss drops the ladder you can use to climb out victorious.